AD: $1 Auctions for Aurora at JustBeads

AD: $1 Auctions for Aurora at JustBeads

Post by Karleen Pag » Thu, 26 Jul 2001 09:10:14

Dear Beady Buddies,
I'm still on vacation, but .... After I read my family the information I
sent you about Aurora Mathews, they were asking if there were any items that
we could place on auction to help her out. I had been thinking about it, but
had sold all my current finished beaded pieces already. Then I remembered my
"stash" of items created to take to craft shows! So I've placed several
items up for your bidding pleasure, and the proceeds will be sent to Aurora
Mathews when the auctions are paid for. To make it even more fun, all
auctions start at $1!! So bid them up, for a good cause, and get some nice
jewelry for your personal use, for gifts or for resale.

JustBead auctions

   303879   Aurora Auction #01: Carnelian Necklace Set
   303880   Aurora Auction #02: Peach Moonstone Necklace Set
   303881   Aurora Auction #03: Christmas Choker Sets (2)
   303882   Aurora Auction #04: Heavenly Earrings (4 pair)
   303883   Aurora Auction #05: Painted Jap Wooden Earrings (5 pair) (made
by hubby)
   303884   Aurora Auction #06: Beggar Beads & Quartz Chip NLS (these were
made in India not by me)

Bead Blessed!
Karleen/Vibrant Jewels