AD: $1 Vintage Cab Sale & Website Update

AD: $1 Vintage Cab Sale & Website Update

Post by Karleen Pag » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 13:24:10

Hi Beady Buddies,
I've been working on my PayPal shopping cart and almost all of my beads are
ready to go. The updated sections have a NEW icon beside of them. Just
think, instant gratification! No waiting for auctions to close, you know
what you're going to pay up front, and shipping is cheaper per item! No
waiting for an invoice, instant payment, and quick shipping!

I've posted some new beads in the glass category, including lovely mint
luster leaves, cranberries, and rosaline flower beads/caps here:

I also have some new gemstones up, including some awesome carved tourmaline
beads. Yes, these seem pricey, and I was going to break up the strands and
sell them in smaller quanitities, but when I examined them closely, the
strands are so well matched it would be a crime to split them up! These
range in color from dark green, through some awesome teals, to lovely greens
and pinks. These would be beautiful with either sterling silver accent beads
or gold. Worth the investment! I also have some matching tourmaline faceted
buttons, lovely tiger eye ovals, lapis tubes, RAINBOW fluorite, aquamarine
ovals and Mexican OPAL tile beads - all these are unusual and hard to find!!

In addition I've added lots of new pearls and put all of the pearls on their
own page for easy access:
I'm going to tackle is the kits section, will let you know when it's ready
to go!

It looks like JustBeads is operational again, and as always, I have lots of
great kits for your beading pleasure. Just be sure to update your bookmarks
to my new seller address:
Also this week, I've listed lots of great vintage cabs starting at just
$1!!! These normally list for $10 per pack, so it's a great deal! Be sure to
check them out. Here is a link to one of them - you can click on view
seller's other auctions to see the rest. There are no bids as yet, so don't
Vintage Faux Angelskin C***Cabs

Thanks for looking and bidding!
Bead Blessed!
Karleen/Vibrant Jewels
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AD: $1 Vintage Cab Sale & Website Update

Post by Cher » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 15:17:17

Hi Beady Buddies,
I've been working on my PayPal shopping cart >


I've been meaning to try that PayPal Shopping cart--- did you find it difficult
to set up?

Cheryl of <A HREF=""> DRAGON BEADS  </A>
Flameworked beads and glass