Accept Credit Cards WITHOUT Expensive Equipment

Accept Credit Cards WITHOUT Expensive Equipment

Post by Tim Robins » Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:00:00


>No, I didn't because it was an unusual twist on a product about which I
>would not have otherwise known or been able to easily locate.  It had
>potential application to everyone here on RCS who sells stamps, who doens't
>want to be a formal dealer - and that's close enough an association for me.

Hey!  This is a brewing newsgroup!  What do you mean "stamps?"


No... I'm not that thick.  I know this thread is crossposted, but I see
too many people unaware that they are not alone in the world of their
favorite newsgroup.

I also just discovered that my newsreader doesn't want to let met strip
out the crossposting.  <sigh>  I'll have to find a solution to that.

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