Brian Kerkvliet apology

Brian Kerkvliet apology

Post by Brad Shut » Fri, 09 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I received a well thought out and insightful e-mail today (Tuesday,
4/5/99, the day I originally wrote this) from another glassblower in
response to my post(s) about nearly the entire "Books and Periodicals"
page from my website showing up as part of a page on the website of
Brian Kerkvliet, complete with my opinions and reviews of those books
that were then presented as though they were his. That e-mail made me
think about how I handled this theft of my material.

In my anger about my material being stolen and incorporated into the
website of someone else, and my opinions and reviews being presented as
though they were his, I made the mistake of attacking Brian personally,
which was wrong. I apologize to those who read my earlier posts and to
Brian for this lack of restraint on my part.

What I should have done is point out that my material is being used
without my permission on the website of another glassblower, and then
directed people to the two pages (mine and "his"). After comparing the
two, they could draw their own conclusions about how my page became part
of his. (I did post links to the pages, but there was a typo in my URL
of my original post.) This would also serve as notice to the people who
may have read those reviews and opinions on his page, over the many
months they have apparently been posted there without my knowledge, that
they were reading MY work, NOT Brian's. I should not have publicly
accused him of stealing my material, and I apologize for doing so. While
I may have my personal opinion about how my book reviews came to be on
his website, and were then presented as though they were his reviews (I
don't think Santa's elves or the Easter Bunny did it), that opinion
should have been voiced solely to him and not in public.

One or two days after my original post about this Brian's page was
modified, making it less obvious that most of the "books" section was
copied directly from my website. For those who want to see his original
page that caused my outburst, I have posted a copy to my website. I have
also posted a copy of the modified page that was on his website Monday.
You can judge for yourselves whether I was justified in being upset.

The copy of his page that I first posted about is at:

The modified page that appeared on his website one or two days after my
original post(s) and e-mail to him (I saw it Monday, but the
modification date in the HTML code was Sunday - I'm not sure which day
it was first posted) is at:

These are the two versions of the page - with my stolen material
contained within - that I objected to so strenuously.

The content copied from my website was from an early version of my
page.  I have modified both the content and format of my page somewhat
since then. Nonetheless, you may still notice some similarity to my
current "Books and Periodicals" page:

His current page:, as of Tuesday
afternoon, has been changed again.

Some content from my page still remains on Brian's latest page as of
this writing. However, while I am incensed that this happened at all, I
am satisfied enough with the changes not to pursue this any further.

It would be nice to hear a public apology from Brian about my work being
used on his website without my permission, no matter how it got there.
It is his website and ultimately he must take responsibility for what
appears there.

Brad Shute