took the plunge - got silamide

took the plunge - got silamide

Post by Helen » Sat, 15 Mar 2003 13:29:55

Well, after listening to ALL the pros and cons (not too many of those) I
decided to order a spool of silamide.  Got it in the mail today.  Which was
fun to get out of the little box we have.  The box went in the one side but
wouldn't come out my side (really messed up the box, but I could see who it
was from and wasn't worried about the contents)  So, as soon as I get the
lighter cases I have lined up done I'm gonna give it a try.  Decided to get
black since I'm so used to using white nymo.  Filled in a gap.  Give
everyone an update and my opinion when I get into it.

BTW, been doing really good with the lighter cases.  Got a pretty good
pattern made up with a black widow-like spider that just looks cool (IMHO)
And have a leaf pattern that some kids like (VERY special order - can you
guess what leaf it is?)  Now, if I can figure out a good pattern for a small
skull and crossbones, DH says he's got about 30 (!!!!!) sold to a group of
mototcycle afficianados. (Looking forward to the $$$$ but not the work)
(BORING)  Pretty psyched about all of it.  Need to go deliver some (payday
for some people) but right now, home with the kids while DH is out.

Still waiting for this child to be born.  Keep thinking it's not going to be
much longer but I was expecting 2 1/2 weeks ago to have a child on the
outside!  No big deal (not like I haven't been through this before - BG)
Will definately keep everyone updated.


Helen C