So I took the Plunge

So I took the Plunge

Post by Karen_A » Sat, 22 Nov 2003 13:10:44

Well, after a lot of debate and twiddling my thumbs (and reading RCB every
15 minutes for replies LOL) this is what I've done:

I got my domain through Godaddy. (And man o man, what a lot of stuff they
try to sell you!) Thank you everyone for all the excellent information and

My domain is That's the same as my Ebay ID so it made
sense to me. I really appreciated the remarks about .biz domains being less
well-received. That never dawned on me.

I also paid for privatizing my hosting info. Cool service. Basically, it
reroutes all /whois info to a proxy, so my actual address and phone number
aren't out there for the world to spam me with. AND it's cheaper than an
unlisted phone number. <G>

And, just to keep things simple, I took 1 month of webhosting through
Godaddy, so I have a real presence (after tomorrow anyway) to USE my domain
while I shop around and do better research for the long haul. I'm
considering a LOT of options.

So, hopefully tomorrow I'll have a working website, for all the world to
see. It'll be the same old thing for now, but I'm working on shooting all my
Estore beads with my camera and completely redoing my gallery. Gotta do
something when I'm out of oxygen!

Thank you again, everyone!!!! You guys are great.

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