AD: Prices Slashed $1 to $4 TAX SALE!!!

AD: Prices Slashed $1 to $4 TAX SALE!!!

Post by Karleen Pag » Tue, 22 May 2001 11:04:37

Hi Beady Buddies!
Well, I'm not a granny yet!!! And my daughter is usually early for
everything else! I told her, get used to it, kids have a mind of their own!

Anyhow, we got our real estate tax bill this week. OUCH!!! So therefore I've
cut and slashed prices left and right on selected auctions at JustBeads from
$1 to $4!!! Be sure to get in on the good deals and help me pay my taxes! :)
JustBead auctions

New auctions include lots of India beads with large holes for hemp and
leather designs.

Also the 10% off sale on my website continues through May.
Thanks for looking!

Bead Blessed!
Karleen/Vibrant Jewels