New Christmas Pattern - taking advance orders

New Christmas Pattern - taking advance orders

Post by Mary Winters-Meye » Wed, 04 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hello everyone! Been super busy lately, but wanted to let everyone know
that I have a new pattern kit available. Pictures and details are at the
following URL (not yet linked to the rest of my website...)

It's a Christmas pin using the linked chain stitch which was introduced in
the March/April issue of Bead & Button. I also have a book out, Linked
Chain Stitch Basics, Vol. 1, which shows the ins and outs of this stitch,
as well as having several patterns.

The kits include full instructions plus all materials needed to complete
the pin.

With all the hurry to get this out before the holidays were too close, I'm
afraid I haven't had a chance to get my Oct free pattern diagramed. (I
even have the sample piece beaded, but have not had time for the 'puter
work needed.) I do hope to have a quick project for Nov, if I can get some
free time to sit down this week with it. Everyone pray that hubby doesn't
get stuck at work late this week and maybe we'll be able to get home so I
can get it done! ;->

Take care and beaded blessings to all!

Mary Winters-Meyer