Richmond, VA Feb 1-2 Old Dominion State Intergalactic Bead Festival

Richmond, VA Feb 1-2 Old Dominion State Intergalactic Bead Festival

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Old Dominion State Intergalactic Bead Festival
Richmond, VA February 1-2, 2003
10AM - 5PM Saturday, February 1 and Sunday, February 2 - Richmond Raceway
Complex - 600 E. Laburnum Ave. Richmond, VA From I-95 north of Richmond Exit
84 to I-295 south or I-95 south of Richmond Exit 45 I-295 north. All Exit 38
east on Meadowbridge Rd.  5 miles. Locally From I-95 Exits 81 or 82. Follow

Over thirty vendors from fif*** states with an extraordinary display of
ancient, antique, vintage, and modern handmade beads for sale.  Also,
beadmaking demonstrations, identification and appraisals.  Admission: $8.00
Saturday $5.00 Sunday BRING THIS LISTING FOR $1 OFF ADMISSION - 12 years old
and under free
For Festival Information, 888-729-6904,


Richmond, VA The Old Dominion State Intergalactic Bead Festival will take
place 10AM-5PM Saturday, February 1 and Sunday, February 2. Thirty vendors
from fif*** states will show and sell their wares of ancient to modern
beads, bead books, beading supplies, and finished jewelry at the Richmond
Raceway Complex, 600 E. Laburnum Ave. Richmond, VA. From I-95 north of
Richmond Exit 84 to I-295 south or I-95 south of Richmond Exit 45 I-295
north. All Exit 38 east on Meadowbridge Rd.  5 miles. Locally From I-95
Exits 81 or 82. Follow signs. An interesting mix of history and art, this
bead extravaganza will feature over seventy tables representing the country'
s finest bead vendors.
     How much are beads a part of our culture today? Although centuries old,
they remain an active part of our modern society, from the strand of pearls
passed down from your great-grandmother to the rosaries or prayer beads used
by many religions. The tradition of tossing beads at Mardi Gras is a popular
draw to the festival every year, and it would be difficult to find someone
that didn't recognize tennis star Venus Williams' near-trademark hair. In
subtle ways, beads continue to weave themselves into our history. Since
their first appearance over 40,000 years ago, beads have been created from
materials such as gemstones, clay, paper, shells, wood, metal, bone, glass,
ivory, and porcelain. This weekend's Intergalactic Bead Festival in Richmond
will be the premier place to find antique and modern beads of every size,
description, and material. They will originate from as near-by as artisan
studios right here in Richmond to as far away as Europe, Egypt, India,
Thailand, and Africa. On both Saturday and Sunday the festival will be
showcasing the art of glass beadmaking as numerous masters take torch to
molten glass to demonstrate their own unique interpretation of this
fascinating craft.
     Glass beadmaking for the modern artist is the creative melding of
Old-World knowledge with the artist's own unique eye for color, theme and
design. As with any art form, once the technique is mastered the only
limitations are in the mind of the creator. Among the noted participants at
the festival will be Cheryl McIntosh, of Bubble's Bead Studio, Clearwater FL
and Janie Jones - known as GrammyGlass, Matthews, NC. Both McIntosh and
Jones will demonstrate hot-glass lampwork beadmaking, but although their
underlying techniques are the same, the beads they produce are vastly
different. Along with her more traditional designs, McIntosh's comical
caricatures and theme beads delight her audience. Jones' passion and
appreciation for the light reflective qualities of glass combine with her
love of vibrant color. This dancing light makes her work a "constant source
of joy and discovery" for her and her clients. Lampwork glass beads are made
by using a gas burner (called the lamp) which produces a narrow, steady, and
powerful flame. Holding a glass rod in one hand, the artist holds the tip of
the rod in the flame, melting it into a honey-like state. At the same time,
she holds a special metal wire in the other hand and winds the molten glass
onto the wire by constantly turning it. The bead is then shaped, either free
hand using metal tools or by turning it in a metal mold. Attendees at the
festival will be mesmerized as these ladies demonstrate their expertise and
age-old techniques while creating captivating beads in a rainbow of colors.
     Local artist Brad Pearson, Pearson Glass Studio, Richmond, VA will also
be demonstrating his skills as a glass lampwork beadmaker this weekend. A
glassblower for over ten years, Pearson began exclusively making beads
because the process is much more earth friendly and economical than glass
blowing. Working out of his home studio, Pearson creates beads that are
"design oriented, with carefully placed swirls and dots". He also shares his
expertise by offering beginning and intermediate classes to the public at a
studio located in the historic Fan District of Richmond, VA.
     Jim Goldstein and Lafaye Cobb, Beads & Rocks, ***ia Beach, VA will
bring a variety of beads from their large warehouse and store. Their supply
will include Czech, Indian, and Austrian beads, semi-precious gems, lead
crystal from Egypt, and a tremendous selection of vintage beads - many still
in their original packaging. Visit them early in the day, because Beads &
Rocks carries beads you won't find at other shops. According to Lafaye, "our
unique vintage and one-of-a-kind beads change with the shows and always sell
out quickly". New from the studio, Beads & Rocks is introducing an original
technique to the beading world - photo-resist beads. These beads are created
by sandblasting a photo image onto the surface of fused glass, a skill that
marries the virtually limitless possibilities of photography with the
ancient craft of glass beadmaking.
     Studio Baboo, C***tesville, VA, the largest full service bead store
in the area, offers an extensive schedule of workshops and classes, as well
as a full line of Czech and Japanese Miyuki seed beads, Delicas,
semi-precious stones, glass beads, findings, tools, and a legendary
selection of beading books. Terri Gable, owner, boasts that you will always
find her staff to be "fun, friendly, and knowledgeable". She will bring a
selection of tools, books, glass strands, Czech seed beads, and over two
hundred colors of Delicas to Richmond this weekend, as well as being on hand
to offer her expert advice on designing or finishing that special beaded
jewelry piece. Knowing how important it is to stay up to date on the current
trends, Gable puts forth great effort each season to travel to fashion and
accessory trade shows and then to find and order the beads needed to make
the jewelry. Her customers always appreciate her efforts to keep them on the
cutting edge of their craft.
     No matter which traditions they honor, visitors to The Old Dominion
State Intergalactic Bead Festival are sure to find something to delight them
from the beads ranging from historical to modern, handcrafted to mass
produced, natural materials to the newest in synthetic technology. The
various artists, vendors, and collectors will be doing their best to keep
beads from all over the world an active part of our American melting pot
tradition this weekend in Richmond.
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