AD-Newark, DE June 14-15, 2003 Mid-Atlantic States Intergalactic Bead Festival

AD-Newark, DE June 14-15, 2003 Mid-Atlantic States Intergalactic Bead Festival

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Mid-Atlantic States Intergalactic Bead Festival
Newark, DE
June 14-15, 2003

10AM - 5PM Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15
Aetna Firehouse - Main St. downtown Newark, DE From I-95 MD Exit 109B east
on DE ST RT 2. Or DE Exit 3 north on DE ST RT 273. (Corner of DE ST RT 273
and DE ST RTS 72 & 2). Follow signs.

Over thirty-two vendors from fif*** states with an extraordinary display of
ancient, antique, vintage, and modern handmade beads for sale.  Also,
beadmaking demonstrations, identification and appraisals.  Admission: $8.00
Saturday $5.00 Sunday BRING THIS LISTING FOR $1 OFF ADMISSION - 12 years old
and under free
For Festival Information, 888-729-6904,

Press Release for MID-ATLANTIC STATES Intergalactic Bead Festival

Newark, DE The Mid-Atlantic States Intergalactic Bead Festival will take
place 10AM-5PM Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15. Thirty-two vendors
from fif*** states will show and sell their wares of ancient to modern
beads, bead books, beading supplies, and finished beads, at the Aetna
Firehouse - Main St. downtown Newark, DE From I-95 MD Exit 109B east on DE
ST RT 2. Or DE Exit 3 north on DE ST RT 273. (Corner of DE ST RT 273 and DE
ST RTS 72 & 2). Follow signs. An interesting mix of history and art, this
bead extravaganza will feature seventy-five tables representing the country'
s finest bead vendors.
     The fascination with beads is not a new one. People have been admiring,
wearing, and praying with beads for over forty thousand years. According to
Christopher England, the man behind Intergalactic Bead Shows, "Beads are not
a passing fancy. In fact, in the many years we have been hosting bead shows,
beads have only grown in popularity." When asked why he thought that was,
England's reply was noncommittal. "Perhaps it is because of the satisfaction
that comes from applying time and concentration to a small vial of beads to
create a three-dimensional piece of jewelry or sculpture. Or, it could be
the instant gratification found by stringing a collection of beads into
something unique that you can wear that evening. Maybe it is the inspiration
one gets from seeing other people's creativity come alive. Or, as one who
has attended an Intergalactic Bead Show can tell you, it may simply be the
experience of seeing so many colors, textures, and patterns together in one
arena that lends itself to the bead frenzy. Attending our shows is like
entering a room full of potential." Indeed, this weekend's Mid-Atlantic
States Intergalactic Bead Festival will be the premier place to harness the
potential of antique and modern beads of every size, description, and
material. The festival will also feature local bead artists and shops as
listed below.
     Local vendor Barasa Gumanah of Gamafro Originals, Newark, DE will be
offering a colorful and *** selection of beads and authentic African
beaded items. Gumanah travels to Africa three times a year to bring back the
unique and eye-catching powder glass, African trade, vaseline, batik bone,
and seven layer chevron beads. Ranging in age from the late 19th century to
modern, the value of the African beads depends on their age, size and
quality. In addition to beads, Gumanah travels to the East Congo, Ghana, and
Mali to bring back the Kuba tribe belts, Kuba cloth, baskets, Kente cloth,
beaded ankle wraps and Yoruba King's crowns.
     Originally a designer and jewelry maker, Thea Pellet has always been
entranced by unique and unusual beads. Her retail shop, called Theadora's
Beautiful Beads, Rockville, MD, specializes in decorative glass beads and
vintage and accent glass beads in a rainbow of beautiful colors. Pellet
calls upon her four*** years of design experience when she shops, choosing
groupings of beads that naturally work well together. She strategically
places them on her tables, creating a visual composition that allows
customers to shop for all the components of their next piece in one place.
Prices range from $2.00 per strand up to $30.00 per strand, and her wide
selection of beads appeal to jewelry makers of all levels. Beadlovers in the
Rockville area will also want to check out the expert-taught classes offered
at Pellet's shop.
     Offering handmade Nepalese silversmith beads, crafts, and jewelry, Jeri
Gerard and husband Wayne Hall, A World of Good, Takoma Park, MD, originally
intended to import goods as a means to cover the cost of Jeri's travels.
Once started, however, the idea was so intriguing and the demand was so high
that it quickly grew into what is now their full-time family business. Jeri
does the majority of the travel, mostly to Nepal but also to Tibet, while
Wayne acts as the representative to the many domestic shops and businesses
that A World of Good distributes to. As importers doing business in
developing countries, Jeri and Wayne are mindful of the benefits and hazards
of the trade. By knowing many of the artists personally, they are able to
ensure the quality of the merchandise and the conditions under which the
items are produced. What sets them apart from other importers is their
integral respect for the spiritual and cultural aspects of the artisans and
their goods. To Wayne, it is as important to relay the symbolism and history
of a piece to the customer, as it is to describe its beauty. A World of Good
is currently working on setting up tours to Nepal and Tibet as a part of
their yearly forays.
     Amy Haftkowycz, The Glass Moon, Pennington, NJ will be showcasing her
borosilicate glass lampwork beads this weekend. A full-time computer
programmer, Haftkowycz uses beadmaking as a necessary creative outlet.
According to her, working with borosilicate glass in beadmaking is uncommon,
but it is her glass of choice "because of its natural earth tone and marbled
effects, and also because it is somewhat unpredictable in the way the colors
react with one another." For Haftkowycz, this unpredictability is what makes
working with the glass both challenging and rewarding. Haftkowycz also
creates jewelry, incorporating sterling silver, copper, and gemstone beads
and components with her lampworked beads. The result is truly unique,
one-of-a-kind pieces with a down-to-earth, hand-made flavor, as well as a
focus on detail and quality.
     Visitors to this weekend's festival are sure to find something to
delight them from the beads ranging from historical to modern, handcrafted
to mass produced, natural materials to the newest in synthetic technology.
Along with beads and bead-making supplies there will be numerous finished
pieces to choose from, including beaded bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and
earrings. The various artists, vendors, and collectors brought together by
The Mid-Atlantic States Intergalactic Bead Festival will be bringing Newark
the best selection of beads in the galaxy. Let the creativity begin!

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