Al Samson Rippoff Artist? NOT!!

Al Samson Rippoff Artist? NOT!!

Post by Engstro » Mon, 28 Jun 1999 04:00:00

ia not a bad handle at all) being a 'ripoff artist' and let me say my piece, as
I have listened to the other guys complaints.

I originally responded to Al's off to sell a water separator/regulatoe for my
compressor around the beginning of May.  With my frequent trips out of town,
some with and some without a computer, it was quite a while before I got a
check (that's right folks a PERSONAL check) out to Al.  It was in the wrong as
I'd forgotten to include the postage.  After telling me this, Al sent the thing
anyway BEFORE receiving the additional funds for postage.

The device is just what I was looking for and is new and unused.

This does not sound like a great ripoff artist to me, particularly since he
does give his home address.  I will not deny that like anybody else he may make
a shipping error, or there may be a miscommunicatoin between the buyer and
seller, but that is normal static in human communications.

Please all,  remember that this (the Internet) is a great experiment in human
relations and communications.  What one says is read by many and  reputations
can be sullied in a most unworthy manner  if the majority that have good
dealings with others are silent.  I offer up the allegations made against RMSer
Dave Fox back in the Feb- Mar time frame regarding his trustworthyness as a
non-traditional vendor.  Dave is still in there and top notch in my book and
many others as a valued source of advice, decals, and kits.  

Here's hoping that the folks that had nothing good to say about Al do not have
AOL filters on their newsgroups (can't quite figure that one out, sorta like
filtering out anybody who's name begins with the letter H), and that this post
doe not spark another flame war!!

Very Best to all,

Eric Engstrom


Al Samson Rippoff Artist? NOT!!

Post by Mike » Mon, 28 Jun 1999 04:00:00


> ia not a bad handle at all) being a 'ripoff artist' and let me say my piece, as
> I have listened to the other guys complaints.

 I've never dealt with this Al ______(add name here) but I've seen
numourous posts on different NG's regarding bad deals with him(I've
heard he's notorious on a certain laser disc NG). From what I've heard
he's not simply ripping off people by not sending goods or cash but
seems to send the wrong stuff, sometimes completely different goods from
what was agreed upon. If it had been only one person having a problem I
could dismiss it but when more than one person relates the same problem
I tend to become cautious. Maybe he's just incompetent but I won't deal
with him at least not as a buyer. I'll sell to anybody and as long as I
get my money first there's no problem. Glad to see you didn't have a
problem, kinda makes one wonder what's really going on?

Mike Dougherty
Toronto, Ont.
IPMS C4928
low guy on the pole at
IPMS/"Buzz" Beurling