Free models (really!)

Free models (really!)

Post by CheckS » Tue, 15 Jul 1997 04:00:00

        For those who have read this newsgroup for over a year, the
following is a repost.  I apologize, particularly to those outside the
Washington, DC area, but the previous arrangements fell through.

        I have come to the bizarre point -- may it never happen to any
of you -- that I realize I am unlikely to build another model in the
near future.  This is good news for somebody, though, because it means
I am willing to give away my current unbuilt backlog, preferably to a
young modeler or to somebody teaching one.

        Because this backlog has existed for many years, some of these
kits may be unfamiliar to you.  Most are at least 20 years old.  One
or two may even be exciting.  You should be forewarned, though, that:

a) These are offered as is.  The boxes have all been opened, and
assembly of a few of these kits was begun many years ago.  This means
you'll have to deal with some (poorly) painted surfaces on a couple of
the kits, and minor preassembly of parts of one or two.  I believe all
parts are present on all kits, but haven't checked against the
instruction sheets.  Sorry, folks, but it's just the way they are.
(This inconvenience is offset by the presence of at least one good
prize here.)

b) All the kits will go to one person; there's no reason to deal with
the logistics of sending them all over the map.  I would prefer to
hand them to someone local, in the Washington area, but if you're
willing to pay shipping to wherever you are, I'll be open-minded.

c) Models are for building.  Please don't take them and throw some
away; if you don't dig balsa, or jets, or whatever, please pass them
along to someone who does.  

d) E-mail responses only, please.  As I don't frequent this newsgroup,
I won't see your answers -- and we shouldn't clutter the channel for
everybody else.

e) I will decide a recipient by Friday of this week.  Although I'm
inclined to give the lot to the first local response, if you're from
IPMS or some such and have some charitable use in mind, or want to
teach a class on how to fix old modeling mistakes, or know a better
way to distribute these, please mention that in your response.

        Enough babbling; here's the list.

BALSA kits:

Comet           20" Spitfire IX
                22" Taylorcraft

Guillow's       20" Beech Musketeer
                24" Rumpler C5


Revell          1/72 B-17E "Peggy D"
                1/72 P-47D
                1/48 F-16A
                1/32 F-4E

Matchbox        1/72 P-51D (Engraved panel lines like Martian canals)

Airfix          1/72 P-51D

Hawk            1/72 Bf-109G

Testors         "F-19" -- they say 1/48, but who knows?

Dragon          1/200 B-2 and F-117A

Hobbycraft      1/72 MiG-29 (Iraqi markings)

Fujimi          1/48 Thunderbird T-38  (the old kit based on the F-5B
that needs the nose recontoured to truly be a T-38)

Hasegawa        Four -- yes, four -- 1/72 Thunderbird T-38s with the
Bicentennial decals.  Would make a great diorama with the Fujimi in
the foreground as solo and the smaller diamond in the background; or
get a different decal set and make a memorial to the 1982 team.

        And the jewel of the bunch, perhaps the best model kit ever:
Hasegawa 1/32 F-16A.  Big and beautiful.

        If you're interested in these, please send me a note at


Free models (really!)

Post by Azzz15 » Thu, 17 Jul 1997 04:00:00

(CheckSix) writes:
>    If you're interested in these, please send me a note at

I (among a lot of others I'm sure)  would be interested in the kit's
My 11yr old loves building models, though not as much as his dad.
I grew up building the balsa flying ones also.
(I also live in Alex. Va.)


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