J7W Shinden Color of Underside

J7W Shinden Color of Underside

Post by Harvey & Shirley Lo » Wed, 03 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Re-post of an old response of mine:

The underside color of the canard J7W1 Shinden was speculated to be either
natural metal or "Japanese Light Navy Grey."  Photos suggest natural metal
when this aircraft first rolled out, though there is a remote speculation
that grey may have been applied to the undersides sometime later(???).
Upper surfaces were definitely a semi-gloss dark black-green (pretty
standard by that time on Japanese Naval fighter aircraft), with the color
slightly overlapping the front leading edges of the wings.  Standard
yellow-orange  IFF strips were evident along with thin yellow-orange
warning stripes near the engine intakes.  All Hinomaru were un-outlined.
Note that the props were dark red-brown.  Photos from Model Art sources in
Japan appear to show that the prop tips had one yellow band on the prop
surface facing forward of the aircraft, while the rear surface had the
entire tip painted in yellow or yellow-orange (no other sources however,
can verify this).  Cockpit colors could have been either a light grey-green
or a light grey(?) - but interior colors of Kyushu manufactured aircraft
are less well known.  Wheel wells were most likely left natural metal.  All
Warning markings and fuel caps were colored red.  Oh yes, paint your
landing gear struts in semi-gloss or matt black.

Cheers! Harvey

> In the recent past there were several posts about the underside color
> of the J7W Shinden.  I had a chance to talk with Robert Mikesh now
retired from
> the NASM and he says the Shinden in storage at the Garber Facility is
> definitely natural metal on the undersides.  To my knowledge this is the
> only surviving example and I believe the only one that actually flew.  I
> hope to see this a/c restored some day.

> Rick Findley, IPMS 13836
> F Troop