IPMS/USA Nationals--Fighter Pilot's Symposium

IPMS/USA Nationals--Fighter Pilot's Symposium

Post by Bucholt » Fri, 06 Feb 1998 04:00:00

More good news about the nationals...

The 1998 IPMS/USA National Convention and Contest and Eagle Editions will
present a World War II Fighter Pilot's symposium on Friday night, July 3 in the
theater of the Santa Clara Westin.

On hand to speak will be:

--Richard Peterson, pilot of the P-51 "Hurry Home Honey" and a 15-kill ace
--Dan Cunningham, who scored 7 victories in Corsairs with the Jolly Rogers of
--Horst Petzchler, a Bf 109 pilot who recorded over 30 aerial victories during
the course of the war
--Gerhard Krol, an Fw 190D-9 pilot who recorded one victory--but was shot down
six times himself!

Tickets for this event will be $25, and can be ordered along with your
registration. If you're using the current journal, add the cost of the tickets
to the final total and let us know you want to attend this event--or, e-mail me
and I'll send you a revised registration sheet.

If you've already registered, don't worry--we'll send you a reminder of this
event and give you an opportunity to participate in this event.

Any questions, as always, can be directed my way.

Hope to see you this summer!

--Chris Bucholtz
Chairman, 1998 IPMS/USA National Convention and Contest