KMC's Releases for Aug/Sept '97 (Long)

KMC's Releases for Aug/Sept '97 (Long)

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Here's the complete News Bulletin I just received from KMC announcing
what's new for August & September.



Kendall Model Company, Inc.
News Bulletin
August/September 1997

At KMC we've made it our policy to pay attention to modeler's request and
we continue to listen. That is why you see more releases this time that
many of you have been anxiously awaiting. We know that we have more
requests than we can handle with our limited staff and our own list of
"projects we really want to do" is longer than any courthouse slate. So,
don't feel too bad because your favorite conversion or update set is again
not listed below. It does not mean we will not release it in the future,
it's because there are only so many hours in a day.

Following Tamiya's recent release of the "Beau" and AeroMaster's decal
sheets for it we gave our***pit update and control surfaces sets
priority. It should make into a fine model with interesting markings. Check
the description below to see what can be achieved with this set.

In addition to last month's Napalm Bomb set we now offer you the MK88
Mod.2 fire bomb (in both scales), primarily used with the F-4 Phantom and
A-4 Skyhawk (among others) in Vietnam, but also found in the Gulf War in
the early 90's. A lot of possibilities for diorama builders.

What we promised some time ago has finally become reality. We revised the
FM-2 Wildcat Conversion Set and included the R-1820 Wright Cyclone engine
in the new package (#48-5045 is therefore discontinued). Together with our
F4F-4***pit set this month and the upcoming F4F-3 Conversion set we
believe to have covered Grumman's Wildcat very well. "Except the wingfold",
we hear you say, but that too is in the works.

In our Kitbuilder Series we are releasing a set for Hasegawa's Spitfire
Mk.Vb kit which (as we discovered) differs from the Tamiya one in both
shape and size (!). You will remember our set #48-4003 was intended for the
Tamiya Spit. So, for those who have the Hasegawa kit, look no further. As
we mentioned before our second release in this series, the F4F-4 Wildcat
***pit Set, should take care of the rather simple kit interior.

Then, the tremendous response we got on the release of our 32nd scale
F-104 Starfighter***pit Set encouraged us to immediately release more for
this most interesting model. We knew we had a winner and you did not
disappoint us, because did you go out and but them! Those One-0-Four fans
will be pleased to see four more releases to make Hasegawa's kit into a
real gem. Don't finish it yet, there are more accessories to come for the
G/J version before we release the F-104A/C***pit set.

Enjoy your modeling!

Willy & Jef

Aircraft Update Sets 1/48th Scale

48-4016 Beaufighter Mk.VI Update Set (F/Tamiya)...$15.99
Judging from the comments on the Internet and at various shows where it
was on display, the Beaufighter should be a very popular model. That's why
we did not waste any time to present you with a set to update the kit's
front***pit with lots of detail and as accurately as possible. We had
access to some valuable information thanks to our friend Alan Ranger who
has helped us in the past and who we hope will continue to do so. Parts are
also included to convert the exhaust and some engine scoops; AND we also
include the straight horizontal tail to make this kit a late Mk.I or early
VI. Another plus is the inclusion of the cowl flap rings in the open
position which will make your model look more impressive. Full resin kit.

Aircraft Accessory Sets 1/48th Scale

48-5080 Beaufighter Mk.VI Control Surfaces...$9.99
Tamiya decided to make their kit with the trim tab actuators on top of the
horizontal tail surfaces but many pictures show this device at the bottom.
The reason for this dual configuration is not clear to us but we give you
the second option with this set. It also includes a more detailed rudder,
ailerons and four flaps. Full resin kit.

48-5081 Mk-77 Mod.2 Napalm Bombs/Vietnam & Present (2 pcs)...$6.99
All resin set.

48-5082 FM-2 Wildcat Conversion Set (Revised)....$16.99
One of the more popular aircraft models is, without a doubt, Grumman's
Wildcat, as we discovered by sales of our initial FM-2 Wildcat conversion
and its continued demand. So, we decided to re-release the set with
improved parts and the nine cylinder Wright R-1820 Cyclone engine. We also
updated the instructions with valuable information. Full resin kit.

Kitbuilder's Series 1/48th Scale

48-6013 Spitfire Mk.Vb***pit Set (f/Hasegawa kit)....$7.99
A frequently asked question from the modler was if our set for Tamiya's
Spitfire Mk.Vb (#48-4003) would fit the Hasegawa kit and it doesn't. One
would think all 1/48th Spitfire Mk.V kits would have the same shape and
dimensions but I reality they don't. So, for those of you who have the
Hasegawa kit and have not been able to obtain the special kit Hasegawa
released in Japan (including a resin update set by KMC), we now offer the
necessary parts to considerably update the***pit and also included an
optional entrance door. Full resin kit.

48-6014 F4F-4 Wildcat***pit Set (f/Tamiya kit)....$9.99
Tamiya kits are known for their beautiful overall appearance and crisp
exterior detail but their***pits tend to be on the simple side. The
Wildcat is no execption and many people complained that the kit did not
have the correct floorless***pit interior. In the actual Wildcat the
pilot's seat is mounted over the fuselage fuel tank and the pilot has only
two footrests on either side of the stick. This allows him to look down
through the small observation windows in the lower fuselage. Included are
bulkheads, sidewalls with instrument boxes, main panel, seat, footrests and
a part representing the top of the fuel tank. Full resin kit.

Aircraft Update Sets and Accessories 1/72nd Scale

72-7020 Mk 13 Torpedoes (2pcs)....$6.99
Two torpedoes with wooden box cover, similar to our 1/48th release. Full
resin kit.

72-7021 Mk-77 Napalm Bombs/Vietnam & Present (4 pcs)....$6.99
Instead of two as in our 1/48th scale set, you get four. Full resin kit.

Aircraft Update Sets & Accessories 1/32nd Scale

32-5005 F-104 Avionics Bay Set (f/Hasegawa kit)....$11.99
Wether you want to display your One-0-Four on a diorama or just a simple
base, this set will give you that extra dimension, This electronics bay on
the starboard side houses some circuit breakers (which are activiated by a
ground crew member) and this hatch is the last one to be closed before
engine start-up. Fully detailed interior and a beautifully detailed hatch
are also included, with instructions on how to paint all parts. Photo-etch
and resin kit.

32-5006 F-104 Auxiliary Fuel Tanks & Pylon Set (f/Hasegawa kit)....$13.99
Seen in many pictures of European F-104's these undewing auxiliary fuel
tanks extended flight endurance. This set has two and comes with two pylons
and sway braces. Full resin kit.

32-5007 F-104 Sidewinder Launch Rail Set (4pcs) (f/Hasegawa)....$7.99
The Starfighter was designed as an interceptor and therefore was intended
to use Sidewinder missiles. These were usually carried on the wingtips but
additional launch rails were attached on the bottom fuselage below the
intakes. USAF and NATO used different types from the Japanese JASDF, and
two if each are included in this set. Full resin kit.

32-5008 F-104 Gun Bay Update Set (f/Hasegawa kit)....$10.99
While this kit's gun bay detail is quite convincing, the gun itself isn't.
Our set provides a accurate resin M61 Gun and additional accessories to
detail the gun bay like the real thing. The kit's access hatches have been
replaced and fully updated by resin parts.