Best model of the month - online modeling contest - win free awards!

Best model of the month - online modeling contest - win free awards!

Post by Zeljko Seg » Fri, 09 Nov 2001 19:11:43

Show your best models and win award for it.

The November contest is still open and once again, we have great sponsors and
awards again.
This month we have 2 awards.

Because we have one award which is only for cars and I have lots of cars in
contest, I opened section for cars only. You are free to votes in both

What can compete?
Any kind of scale model without exceptions is welcome.

How do I submit my picture(s)?
You can E-mail them to me as file attachments. This is by far the easiest
way. You can use the body of the E-mail to descripe the model. The
description can be as long or short as you like. The choice is yours. And
finally, please remember to write both your first and last name in the
e-mail. If you have photos of web pages, just tell me where is it and I will

Picture submitting DEADLINE.
Your pictures have to in by midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on the 20th
of the current month. Pictures submitted after this date will be transferred
to next months contest.

How many models and pictures can I submit?
And how about filetype and size?
You can submit as many models as you like, with a maximum of 3 pictures of
each model. All non JPEG pictures will be converted to this format. I do
this in order to be able to control the size of the picture-file. Ill try
to keep the size below 100 Kilobytes in order to get a fast loading page.
Finally, also please try to keep the width of the picture at max. 700
pixels. If that's not possible, I can re-size it for you; in this event I'll
set up a link to the full sized picture, below the edited version of the

Voting starts on the 21st and ends on the last day of the following month,
in both cases at midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
You may vote* for 1 model. The model which gets the highest number of these,
will become the "Model Of The Month". PLEASE NOTE!!! You may only vote for 1
model ! Because we have two different categories (cars and miscellaneous)
you can give one vote in EACH category.


I have decided to judge the contest with a panel of  6 people who will
decide the winner of this and all future contests - "WINNER OF CONTEST". I
will award a second prize to the individual who has the most votes from
emails "WINNER OF CONTEST BY PEOPLE CHOICES" . I find that I must make these
changes to insure a fair contests.

No voting entry will be accepted unless your full name is given. You must
provide your full first and last name in mail when voting. It has been our
experience that some people use few different e-mail addresses ie. (from all
their family, friends, company, ...) to vote for themselves. FRIENDS ARE
ADDRESSES. I will check any suspicious e-mail addresses. We all want fair
voting. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me.

Each model will be put on its own page. The headline of the page will
contain a number. The voting is done by an automated e-mail system. When you
click the vote button, I'll receive an e-mail containing the number of the
model. If you have to vote via regular/manuel e-mail (AOL, Web-Tv and
various "free e-mail" users like HotMail etc.), then please remember to
write which model(s) you're voting for.

*Everybody may vote, including the participators in the contest.

You can start voting on the 21st of the current month. Voting ends on the
last day of the current month.

So, hurry and post your best photo of model.

Do you want to be sponsor?

Do you want to be part of this contest and that your shop or firm be here?
We need sponosors who will give any kind of model kit or accesories for our
Sponsor will send awards to winners not to us. On this way they can be sure
that will not take awards for yourself. In return we will do what sponsors
want and we can make on this pages.

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