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Well, Guys and Gals,

We're now leaping back into action after the weekend's events.  What a
superb show!  Definitely the best and most profitable IPMS show ever for
ourselves... read also the most exhausting! Customers from France, the
U.S.A., Finland,
Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Portugal, Italy, the U.K.(of
course!), Canada... etc.!!  Absolutely fantastic, meeting you all. Thanks
for coming along and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.  Many of these
visitors won't be
returning home for several days, so hopefully we can look forward to a whole
series of posts from these chaps visits over the next week or two.

For many folks, this was their first visit to our show.  Some seemed quite
shell-shocked, as it was, in many cases, usually combined with a first-ever
trip to our Sceptred Isle.  According to El Presidente, Rob Sullivan,
numbers were up around a thousand on last year.

I guess some of you enjoyed the British Aerospace museum at Cosford, others
the World Heritage Centre that is Ironbridge, but we ALL enjoyed the
models.. and, gee, was there some awesome work out there!!   The club and
SIG stands seemed to carry far more ship models than I ever remember. I
think that the Cruiser SIG was glad to see people supprting them so well
this year.

As Colin Ritchie mentioned, this was the first outing for the White Ensign
Models 1/350 HMS Mary
Rose 1916 (having packed them Friday morning and not got the props for them
until the Saturday morning, we got them on the shelves by opening time!).
We also had a lot of interest shown in Peter Hall's 1/350 Kirov kit, which
looked absolutely magnificent.

One of Saturday's highlights was meeting John Lambert again.  He spent a
while on the WEM stands and it was good to see him.  We were, of course,
promoting both his Flower Class Corvettes book, available next month, and
Alan Raven's RN Camouflage Part One (a copy of the cover on this tome
arrived on Friday, just as we were getting ready to leave.. JUST in time!)

Yiannis Sagiadinos, a SMMLlie from Greece, was the only bod allowed access
"under the covers" of  our display pieces, as well as Peter Hall's and Jim
Baumann's entries, and was taking photos for the NAVIS website.  His 1/700
Nelson Class battleship with the WEM brass onboard, was absolutely stunning.
Jim Baumann's diorama of the WSW Svent Istvan turning turtle, together with
some 500 crew figures falling/running, or swimming away from the ship was a
reasonably deserved diorama winner, but there was seriously stiff
competition from Peter Hall and others in this department.. His Dragons
Mouth diorama was brilliant. Still, that judge's decision HAS to be made!
Graham Walker, who runs the Crukser SIG, and was one of the ship judges,
 was busier than I have ever known him, and had some seriously
difficult judging to do.. I really didn't fancy his job, and I think that,
with the world IPMS Championships next year, and the show being 50% bigger
than this year, he will need some international help on the judging....
Any offers guys??

One aspect that I found disturbing... despite notices posted on and around
Jim Baumann's models, not to remove the covers (when you see around 5 miles
of spider's web thin stretched sprue on each of his models, you can
understand..), someone (maybe the "official" IPMS photographer, or the
press?) removed and replaced the cover, demolishing about a week's worth of
rigging on one of his models.  He was livid.  I just hope that JB shows up
again next year.

Anyhow, Peter, Tim, Robert, Randy, and hopefully others who were there, will
start posting their reports on the rest of the show shortly.

An interesting snippet I got from Accurate armour.. they expect to sell
maybe between 400 and 2,000 of a new
subject. We at WEM expect to sell between 30 and 200 of a new naval

The only good news from the plastic kit manufacturers on ships, was that
Airfix are re-releasing the Queen Elizabeth
(the liner kit, of course, rather than a battleship kit!) Trevor Snowden of
Airfix has said that this is the ONLY ship kit they will release next year.
Ah well, beggars can't be choosers!

All The Best

Caroline Carter
White Ensign Models
White Ensign Models, for a fine range of photoetched brass for 1/600, 1/700
and 1/350 scale kits, and THE finest warship kits and upgrades in the world!
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Was that the Queen Elizabeth 1 or 2?