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Guideline Publications have available a number of back issues of Scale Aircraft
Modelling magazine. Listing is by Volume number and 'Aircraft in Detail'
subject, followed by other feature articles. For those not familiar with Scale
Aircraft Modelling, 'Aircraft in Detail' articles are a subject's history
illustrated with both photographs and artwork (from Vol 17 No 5 onwards, such
artwork is all in colour).

Vol 6   No 6   Westland Sea King; Sea King AEW conversion, Luftwaffe Operation    
          11*  USAF in Britain 1948-78; 1:48 vacform Sopwith Pup and plans
          12   F-111; 1:72 PB-1W and SB-17 conversions, 49 Sqn RAF,
               Lehrgeschwader 2

Vol10  No 6*  Douglas B-66; 65 Sqn RAF, World War 1 camouflage notes

Vol 11 No 8   CF-100 Canuck; RNeth AF 'Whisky 4' aerobatic team scheme
         12   S-2 Tracker; 1:72 vacform Bounder

Vol 12 No 10  Ecuadorean Air Force; Meteor NF.14 detail photos, DHC-6 schemes,                
              1:72 vacform BAC 1-11, French AF in Indochina models

Vol 13 No  9  Chipmunk; 1:72 F-8A conversion, 1:72 vacform Valiant
          11* Luftwaffe Nightfighters; 404 Sqn RCAF
          12* Tucano; Gannet AEW.3 detail photos, 1:48 Kikka,
              Bristol 170 schemes

Vol 15 No  3  Lockheed T-33; 407 Sqn RCAF
           4* B-26 Marauder; DH Heron schemes; 1:48 vacform Grebe

Vol 16 No  2  Hawker Fury/Nimrod; SAAB 340 schemes
           3  Russians in Germany; 1:72 SAAF F-86
           4  SEAC Special
           5  A-6 Intruder; Draken detail photos, DH Comet airliner schemes
           6  IDIAF 1947-67; 1:48 multi-media Gannet
           7  MiG-29; 1:72 vacform DC-8, Stratocruiser schemes
           9  Anson 11-22; 1:48 multi-media Whirlwind fighter
          10  He 111; 1:144 vacform Nimrod, Hind detail photos
          11  T-39 Sabreliner; Oxford detail photos, 1:72 F-15E
          12  South American AFs; SAAB J-29 detail photos

Vol 17 No  2  Reverse Lend-Lease; Jet Provost 5 detail photos, P-40B plans,
              1:72 Lancaster B.X conversion
           5  Mosquito bombers; Merlin-engine Seafire plans, 1:72 resin Courier,
              B.767 schemes
           6  RF-4 Phantoms; Griffon-engine Seafire plans, 170 Sqn RAF,
              1:72 multi-media Anson
           7  Valetta/Varsity; 1:72 RAF RCM Fortress conversion, LaGG-3 plans,
              Airbus 330 and 340 schemes
           8  RAF/Commonwealth Mustangs; 353 Sqn RAF, KG200, Hawk detail photos
                  9  Two-seat Venoms; Jet Provost plans, 1:48 multi-media sea Fury,
              Airbus 320 schemes
           10 Water Bombers; 417 Sqn RAF, 1:72 B-26K Invader conversion,
              Magister detail photos
           11 C-135 Tankers and Transports; Walrus (1920s biplane) plans,
              1:72 Mosquito NF.II and PR.34, DHC-6 schemes
           12 Fairey Barracuda;  Bf109G plans Pt.1, 1:72 Gamecock/Woodcock/Grebe
              /Gauntlet, Buccaneer detail photos

Vol 18 No 2  Hawker Tempest; Sea Hawk plans, 1:48 Boomerang, Vanguard schemes,
             Me410 detail photos
                 3* B-24 in Europe; Po-2 plans, 1:48 two-seat Jaguar conversion,
                    SAR Wessex detail photos
                 4  Constellation; Ar234 plans, 253 Sqn RAF
                 5  USAF Heavy Lifters (C-141, C-5, C-17, KC-10); F-27 schemes,
             1:24 Ju87, Meteor T.7 plans, Hurricane detail photos
                 6* Defiant; Bf109G plans Pt.2, 1:48 multi-media Gauntlet,
             1:72 airliners
                 7* F-15 Eagle; Firebrand plans, 444 Sqn RCAF, 1:48 vacform Tutor,
             VTOL kits
                 8  RAF Boston/Havoc; Sopwith Triplane plans, 1:72 Beaufort,
             Hawaiian airline schemes
                 9  C-12/Super King Air; captured Luftwaffe a/c at Farnborough,
             1:48 vacform  Halifax, SBD Dauntless plans

Issues marked * indicates only a few copies remaining -  unless paying by credit
card, please list alternatives if ordering any of these issues.
Prices (including surface mail) are:
1-5  copies:  2.75 (GBP) / $4.50 (US$)
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11+  copies:  2.25 (GBP) / $3.50 (US$)

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