AM Avenger

AM Avenger

Post by Valued Acer Custome » Tue, 15 Oct 1996 04:00:00

A very close friend of mine is currently building the AM Avenger for a kit
review for a major publication.

This guy is a prize winning modeler and deservedly so....

He has spent more time than I want to think about ranting and raving about
the quality of this kit, the incredible detail, how well it goes together,
etc.  Says it is AT LEAST Tamiya quality, if not better.

Now, he KNOWS I only build 72nd scale, so I have to take it that this kit
is well worth the wait....

Having seen buildups and a number of fotos of the kit in various states of
construction, I am forced to agree.

Was it a long time coming?  Yup.  Did Accurate Miniatures pull a major
***oo here by being so late?  Yup.  Do they know it?  Yup, in spades.  

Okay, so given all that, why don't we all remember that this is a HOBBY,
not rocket science, not international diplomacy, and lighten up.  As
modellers we seem to behave a lot like we're still ten years old and want
everything NOW.  We won't even go INTO how many unbuilt kits are probably
in each of our collections.

So, go out and buy some of the great YellowHammer decals (nose art, yet!!),
buy the kit when it hits the shop in a couple of weeks or less, and BUILD

Alan Griffith