FAQ is back...FAQ is back, and my thanks to Marco

FAQ is back...FAQ is back, and my thanks to Marco

Post by Terry Sumn » Sat, 18 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Well everyone, the FAQ site is back up and running...I just went
there. However, please disregard the posted url in all previous daily
FAQ messages I put up.

My thanks go out to Mr. Marco Alpert who noticed an error in the
address. The underscore was in the wrong place. His eagle eyes spotted
the error and he posted a message to the group about it. I then
emailed him telling him that the address he posted was the one I was
posting every day. But au contraire mon 'ami!   Mine was one character

I have reposted the FAQ pointer with the correct url in it.

Now, while the site actually was down for a while, I don't know how
long it's been back up as I've been trying to access it using an
incorrect url. Heck, I even tried getting to it by clicking on the url
in a real old post from DejaNews.

But anyway, it's up and now I'd like to see about putting a copy of it
on a miror site.  I'll be speaking to Don about this idea shortly


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