(GEN): Great new web-site for modellers

(GEN): Great new web-site for modellers

Post by Carsten Pederse » Fri, 19 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hello fellow modellers!

For the last few months a couple of friends and I have been buiding up a
great new site for our modelling club: Esbjerg Modelbyggerforening. Our
address is:


Apart from a presentation of our club the site contains

    *  articles from our club magazine

    *  tips and tricks for modellers

    *  product reviews

    *  a photo gallery

    *  links to other modelling related sites

and of course an updated guide telling you where to meet us and when.

So feel free to visit our site or e-mail us at

Happy modelling to you all

Web-site administrator for Esbjerg Modelbyggerforening