IPMS (UK) Nationals

IPMS (UK) Nationals

Post by Ken Duffe » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have had a few queries from R.M.S.'ers about the forthcoming
IPMS (UK) Nationals which are being held at Castle Donnington  on Saturday 30 November and
Sunday 1 December 1996.

I am not on the organising committee - just an ordinary member and we don't (yet) have an
official IPMS (UK) web page.

However, through the good offices of fellow RMS'er and IPMS member
Gavin Stratford, we now have a strictly unofficial IPMS page giving details of the event and a
few adresses for accomodation etc.

The URL is :-


I/Gavin will add some more data when we get time - I have a list of  Bed & Breakfast
accommodation in the Castle Donnington area which we  can add - any other suggestions for data

Someone asked for a list of competition classes - will try and add.

Hope to see you there ??

I will be on the Russian Aircraft SIG all weekend (in between making forays out to spend money

Any suggestions for a means of identifying ouselves (RMS'ers) ??

I thought a simple red dot on the badge (or on the forhead if you like)


Ken Duffey