Need Decal Paper? Try Tango Papa Decals

Need Decal Paper? Try Tango Papa Decals

Post by Tom Prest » Fri, 08 Oct 1999 04:00:00

   Hi all.  Time again for a short note from me about waterslide decals.  I use
a bunch of the decal paper in my custom and rocket decal business and sell my
stock to everyone else ata great price, in order to keep my supply young.  I
apply the decal film to the paper and can sell the finished decal paper at a
much lower price than anyone else, even MicroMart!!  And since i do the paper
myself, I can cut the coated paper to just about any size.

  I have clear decal paper available in letter-size ($0.60 per sheet), A4 size
($0.70 per sheet), and legal size ($0.80 per sheet).  I also have white decal
paper in letter-size for $0.85 per sheet.  All of my paper is under 2 months
old as I make small runs of the paper in order to keep the stock young.  The
younger the paper, the better the decals made from it.  I have a lot of happy
customers that swear by my paper and I think it is more the fact that it is so
young as to the low price.

  I do have a minimum order of only 30 sheets, which can be of mixed types.  I
ship by Priority Mail in the US for $5 for up to 100 sheets.  I can handle any
size order, as I just make more paper if needed.  Overseas shipping is by Air
Mail or Global Priority.  

  If you would like to try my paper out, I offer a sampler pack of 4 sheets for
$5, shipping included (for the US, other countries more).  You can get  4
clear, 2 clear 2 white, or 4 white.  The paper works great in an Alps or any
laser color printer.  This paper will not work with ink-jet printers, though I
am working on a fix for that.

  To order, drop me a note and I'll let you know how to get my paper, based on
where you are.

  I also do custom decals, though I am not really taking any new business this
year.  However, if you have a small project, I may be able to fit it in between
my other jobs, so feel free to ask.  Prices for custom decals are only $10-14
per sheet, depending on the inks needed.  I can print white decals and can
match just about ay color between my Alps and laser color printer.

Take care and thanks to all of you that have been customers and hope to hear
from some new ones soon!!

Tom P.
Tango Papa Decals

PS - My name is not Tom Baker!!  :-)
Tom P.
Tango Papa Decals