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N >     The way that I have done it is to buy clear decal film and paint
N >on it with a non-water based paint.  Super Scale makes a good film
N >and it's cheap ($2 a sheet).  There is an artical on the subject in a
N >Nov/Dec 1985 issue of FSM.  I have a copie.  If you would like a copy
N >send me your address and will sent it.
N >      As far as dry transfers go, I have done  this also.  Dry
N >transfers are far superior as it aways conforms to the plastic and
N >can be worked into recessed areas with little dificulty.  I am  a
N >graphic artist and I can tell you that it is a very costly process
N >and unless you have access to a stat camera you can forget it.
N >     Terry

the only decals I've ever made were for the framing on vac formed canopies
using the Superscale clear film.  I'd really like to see the article you
mention.  Thanks.

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