AM's SBD-5

AM's SBD-5

Post by Doc Dat » Sun, 09 Aug 1998 04:00:00

First let me say the SBD-5 from Accurate Miniatures is fantastic!  I am
well into the kit and think it easily ranks as one of if not the best
model I have ever built!

Now, with that said, I would like to know if I found an error or did I
miss something.

In Step 7, the instructions say 'The screen should point forward...'
referring to  part D117, the oil cooler.  The art work also shows a grid
on the intake side of this part.  However, the D117 part I have (and I
checked and rechecked to make sure I had not mixed up the parts) has the
correct V-notch on the end where it attaches to the fuselage but the
intake end is smooth vice having a grid.

Is there another part that's the grid for this (if so I cannot find it
on any of the trees)?

This is a very small problem and will really not detract from the
finished product.  This kit is highly recommended!


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