Seeking old IPMS-USA and IPMS-UK magazines...

Seeking old IPMS-USA and IPMS-UK magazines...

Post by Jeff Cla » Wed, 04 May 1994 06:54:44

Hi there. I'm trying to do research on the YOV-10D and OV-10D Bronco.
I'm particularly interested in the YOV-10D when it was in Vietnam, painted
in a 3-tone gray scheme.  I've been told that some old issues of the
IPMS (International Plastic Modeler Society) magazine for the UK and the USA
had articles on the Bronco and included some color information. So, if you
have in your possesion any of these magazines, please e-mail me, as I'd like
to get a photocopy of them:

March/April 1984 IPMS-UK magazine

November/December 1982 IPMS-UK magazine

Spring 1975 IPMS-USA magazine

If someone who's currently in IPMS in the UK or the US could give me
an address or information on obtaining back issues, well, that would do as well.

Thanks (in advance) for any help you can give.