IPMS/UK Nationals

IPMS/UK Nationals

Post by J. Heili » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Having just returned from my second IPMS/UK nationals, I just wanted to
pass along a couple of observations.  Also, thanks to Simon Craven for
arranging the r.m.s officially sanctioned lunch at the Donnington
Thistle (it's the closest I got to Thanksgiving dinner this year).  It
was very nice to meet a few r.m.s'ers in person, and I don't think we
were *too* obnoxious to the staff at the Thistle.

If you've not been to the IPMS/UK nationals, by all means find a way to
get yourself there.  If you've been to an IPMS/USA nationals, it's
totally different.  Dave Klaus' observations in his posting yesterday
are right on.  Sort of like apples vs. oranges.  Not that oranges are
necessarily better than apples, but just different.  I was astounded at
the sheer number of a) bodies crammed into the hall, b) truly out-
standing models on display both at the contest tables and at the various
SIG and club stands, and c) cottage industry manufacturers, hobby shops,
book sellers, etc who were represented.  If anyone there got around to
each and every stand I'd like to shake his/her hand.  I was there all
day both days and I'd be surprised if I hit 75% of them.  It truly is
information overload when you walk through the door.

Thanks also to all the gang at the IPMS/UK Aerobatic Team SIG for the
nifty name tag (I forgot my IPMS/USA tag and had to do some fancy
talking to get in the door for free...) and the biscuits and drinks, as
well as to the IPMS/UK Airliner SIG for providing a base of operations
for coats, camera bags, new purchases, etc.

If anyone is interested in going next year, I'd be happy to pass along
my experiences on getting there, hotels, etc.