Taking bids for 1000+ lot of kits

Taking bids for 1000+ lot of kits

Post by Frank Taus » Tue, 22 Sep 1998 04:00:00


> A couple of weeks ago I posted a message asking for help in estimating
> the value of a large lot of kits left by my father.  Thanks to everyone
> who responded for their help.

> After reviewing everyone's advice and considering the fact that my sister
> and I live so far from the kits' location in Augusta, GA, we have decided
> to first attempt to sell the kits as a whole.

> The list of available kits can be found at:

>     http://members.aol.com/WBRaines/models.html

> We are now taking bids for the whole lot according to the following
> rules:

>  (1) Minimum bid is USD$13,000. We feel we would be better off selling
>         individually otherwise.

>  (2) Bids must be RECEIVED by Saturday Oct 3, 1998 6:00pm PST either

>                 Paul Raines
>                 1600 E 3rd Ave #2905
>                 San Mateo, CA 94401
>         I will send replies to acknowledge receipt of bid.

>  (3) Bid winner (or agent) must come to Augusta, GA to visually inspect
>         and pick up the kits (or arrange their own shipping) by
>         November 30, 1998.  We are not responsible for shipping so
>         bidders should consider that in their bid.

>  (4) After inspection, if condition is poorer than expected, a reduction
>         in the bid can be negotiated or the bid canceled.

>  (5) Payment at time of receipt must be in cash or cashier's check. If
>         the later, we will write a cashier's check for the difference
>         if a reduction is negotiated.

>  (6) Once payment is made, the sale is final.

>  (7) If kits are not picked up by November 30, 1998, bid winner is
>         responsible for storage fee (approx $80/mo)

> Bids will be awarded primarily based on the highest bidder. However,
> we retain the right to award the bid at our discretion.

> I will not reveal the name or bid amount of the bid winner unless they
> give me their permission.  I will make available to the winner, if
> they desire, the email addresses of people I know are interested in
> specific kits.

> Because of their remote location, it will be very hard for us to
> answer questions on the condition of specific kits.  The majority of
> the boxes are in good condition by my estimate as a non-collector.
> There are some damaged boxes due to poor storage conditions.  If
> someone would like to visually inspect the kits before the end of
> bidding or pick up, we will make a best effort to oblige them but can
> make no guarantees.

> Further information, if it becomes available, will be posted at the
> above website.

> --

If you can't sell the lot I would be interested in these kits
individually. The dollar value is not great but I collect these as they
are fine little planes.

Frank Tauss

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