Armor Research Co. more info

Armor Research Co. more info

Post by matthew clemon » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00

After I posted my first message that Armor Research is back in business
I've had alot of people want info that wasn't in the first message.

Alot of you want to know if Ray is going to be selling the reference
packets.  At this time he's not sure.  He's waiting to see if there is
going to be much of a demand.  When Trevor gave Ray all his stuff, the
reference items were in a state of chaos.  It'll take alot of doing just
to get everything organized.  
But, If enough of you who want the packets contact Ray, I'm sure he'll
start to sell them.

Ray also wanted me to let everyone know that the prices for the detail
parts have been discounted 20-30% off of the old prices.

If you need more info call Ray at 319-377-0429