SAMI Editorials

SAMI Editorials

Post by nate » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

SAMI is my favorite modelling magazine. I eagerly anticipate its arrival
every month. For me, the previews, reviews, articles and historical
backgrounds provided in this publication are just right. I appreciate the
interesting aircraft profiles with each issue.  The Rag hits all my
modelling "senses".

But the editorials,  come on,  don't be a ninny about what the internet has
to say about the magazine.  Don't waste space in your magazine defending
your publication from what some one said on the internet - I bet many of
your readers have no idea what this is all about and some  of us internet
users probably don't either. Give us a break and drive on!  Your magazine
is great and I will continue to anticipate the next arrival - dont get
bogged down with feelings. Perhaps behind the remarks people make there is
some shred of truth? Learn from it if applicable.

When personal feelings get the better of a magazine, I think it begins to
suffer.  I don't know if this is the case with Military Model Preview, but
from appearances, it seems to me they became a little too personal  with
ediitorials.  This is why I no longer read it - not in protest, not in
anger or disagreement, just it seems too unprofessional - why should I
spend the high price on just written kit instructions and angry speeches?

Keep up the good work and don't  stop the profiles.
A fan,
Nate Goldberger