RC Universe Update & Thanks!

RC Universe Update & Thanks!

Post by RC Univers » Thu, 21 Feb 2002 07:31:52

Hi guys..wanted to let the new RC Scale pilots and experienced ones as well
know about some new features we added to the RC Universe forums.  The users
location now appears in the for sale and wanted forums of posters so you can
quickly scan down and see who is selling what RC plane or aircraft
part/accessory in your area. Makes it much easier to buy, sell or trade

Also you can now customize your forum views with our cool dynamic
collapsible forum feature.  Members can now sort all new posts by specific
forums.  Also fixed a bug we had causing some jpgs not to upload properly.
You can now upload to your ads easily or add a picture to a discussion.  A
few more cool features have been added but don't want this to be a long post
so stop by and check it out.

Our site has exploded in growth this past month.  We have close to 4500
registered members and more than double that lurking each day.  1000 new
posts on all RC topics each day.  100,000+ daily page views.  Almost 40,000
total posts on the site.  Close to 4 million page views since our doors
opened on December 1, 2001.

I wanted to thank all of you who frequent the site as it's the users who
make the content. Also I want to personally thank the experts who stop by
and answer all those questions from newcomers to the hobby.  We get lots of
new people visiting each day and they are all grateful for the advice the
experienced modelers offer.

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