IPMS/USA WebMaster of the Year

IPMS/USA WebMaster of the Year

Post by Ralph R. Forehan » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00

We were pleased to make the first IPMS/USA WebMaster of the Year Award
at our National Convention in Santa Clara.

The criteria for an IPMS/USA members selection was;
1. Serve as WebMaster of an IPMS/USA Chapter or SIG (Special Interest
Group) page on-line at least one year, (from first appearance on the
IPMS/USA page)
2. Have consistently demonstrated support of, and cooperation with,
National, Regional, and other chapter efforts.
3. Consistently kept page current though regular updates.
4. Enhanced page appearance, content, and responsiveness.
5. Maintained a minimum of advertising content.
6. Other Contributions and pages to modeling on the internet.

With great pleasure I announce the IPMS/USA WebMaster of the Year 1998
is Michael Benolkin of IPMS/Albuquerque.

Michael contributed several very high quality pages over the past year.
These contributions include his chapter page, supporting his region's
page, and two SIG (Special Interest Group) pages. He has
enthusiastically supported National with a new logo and a Bylaws
Template for chapter use.

Michael's enthusiasm for improving and expanding his net pages in
outstanding. He has graciously helped other modelers referred to him.

Tying it all together is Michael's desire, skills, and willingness to
contribute to his chapter, region, IPMS and the modeling community on
the net.

Michael's pages are;
1. IPMS/NM, Albuquerque Scale Modelers
2. IPMS/USA Logo for Chapter Pages
3. IPMS/USA Region 10 Rocky Mountains
4. F-5E/F & F-20 Homepage
5. Club Bylaws Template
6. HH-43 Huskie page
7. Michael also contributed to, and is credited as a co-author of, the
updated version of the "Technical Guidelines for IPMS/USA Chapter and
SIG Website Development".

Michael's pages may be viewed from links on the IPMS/USA homepage at

Ralph R. Forehand  IPMS #1592
IPMS/USA Internet Coordinator/WebMaster


IPMS/USA WebMaster of the Year

Post by AMPSO » Fri, 17 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Good call!

Cookie Sewell


IPMS/USA WebMaster of the Year

Post by Dave Stei » Fri, 17 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Excellent! Going to chk out his pages right now.
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