Aircraft Exterior Lighting

Aircraft Exterior Lighting

Post by theduk » Thu, 11 Sep 1997 04:00:00

My current project is building a small fleet of WWII Naval Aircraft... F2A,
F4F, F4U, F6F, SBD, SB2C, TBD and TBF.  I would like to detail these models
(all 1/48) to the best of my abilities.  Being new to the detailing scene,
I have a few questions regarding the exterior lighting used on aircraft.

From my references I've gathered this scheme... I'll use the Wildcat as an

Port Wing:  red navigation (or running?) light on wing tip, green
(formation?) light on top of wing (lens appears blue when not lit.)  Clear
landing light under wing, clear approach light on leading edge.

Stbd Wing: green navigation (or running?) light on wing tip, green
(formation?) light on top of wing (lenses appear blue when not lit)

Tail:  white running light on tail

Spine behind liferaft compartment: green (section?) light (lens appears
blue when not lit) later models had white (recognition?) light also.

Underside of fueselage:  Three recognition lights behind wings, fore to
aft: red, green, amber.

I have the flight instruction manual for the F6F, and by using that and
reference photos this is what I've come up with, though not all my sources
are in agreement as to the names and colors of the lights.

Anyone have any thoughts or theories about this arrangment?  How about the
purposes of the formation, section, and recognition lights?  Also how about
favorite techniques for replicating lights and lenses.

Thanks in advance:


PS:  Anyone know where to get a hold of Vol #2 of the Mongoram USN and USMC
Color Guide, (1940-1949)?  If you'd like to sell yours, name your price.