CRAFTING BUDDIES: Canada & Other Countries (Long)

CRAFTING BUDDIES: Canada & Other Countries (Long)

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Updated:  February 3, 1997
If you are looking for a crafting buddy in your AREA to correspond
with, and maybe have it develop into a friendship where you can get
together, then you can e-mail any individual on the following list.
If you feel that you have time for one more friend and would like to
be placed on the list, then please e-mail me with the particulars.

-- CANADA ---------Sorted by City---------------------------

Laurie Pole
Area:     Abbotsford, B.C.

Crochet, cross stitch, dream catchers and sewing.

Area:     Ayr, Ontario
Close to Kitchener and Cambridge)

Crafts include knitting, quilting, cross stitch, needlepoint, well
actually I will try just about any crafts, haven't learned to crochet
yet though.

Lisa Greaves
Area:     Calgary, Alberta

Counted cross stitch is my favorite, but I also am a beginner knitter
and crocheter.  Would like to try hardanger and silk ribbon

Joyce Hardman
Area:     Calgary, Alberta

Cross stitch, sew, knit and *** stamp.  Plus anything to do with
cats is great by me.

Barb Wilson
Area:     Calgary, Alberta

Canvas stitching, cross stitching, beginner hardanger.

Janice Hays
Area:     Calgary, Alberta

Cross stitch, petitpoint, framing of pieces.

Karen Bruneau
Area:     C***tetown, PEI

Counted cross stitch, counted needlepoint, tatting, blackwork,
practically anything done with needle and fibre except sewing and

Mellissa Zillwood
Area:     Chilliwack, B.C.

Counted cross stitch, would like to learn to quilt.

Keli Hansen
Area:           Courtenay, B.C.

Cross stitch, canvas work, quilting.

Joel Thompson
Area:     Coquitlam, B.C.

Cross stitch, sewing, petit point and want to learn hardanger.

Dawn Piasta
Area:     Dauphin, Manitoba

Sewing, knitting, crocheting, counted cross stitch, basket weaving,
stained glass, needle point, and embroidery.  Like to tackle
challenging projects and dream of spending all my waking hours working
on them.

Lori Alton
Area:     Edmonton, AB

Cross stitch, knit, crochet, punch embroidery, plastic canvas -- just
about anything I can get my hands on.

Area:     Edmonton, AB

Sewing (advanced), jewelry making (fimo, silversmithing, beadwork),
machine piecing and quilting (beginner), Teddy Bears and other stuffed
creatures, silk ribbon embroidery (beginner), wearable art and always
on the look out for new crafts.

Tess Gleason
Area:     Edmonton, AB

Counted cross stitch (beginner).

Kim Trask
Area:     Fredericton, New Brunswick

Cross Stitch and Plastic Canvas.  I am open to new interests and just
started a needlepoint.  Also done some Hardanger, knitting and other

Shirley Gillies
Area:     Fredericton, New Brunswick

Quilting, smocking, collecting books and patterns on quilting and
smocking, rug hooking.

Connie McCann
Area:     Gloucester, Ontario
(suburb of Ottawa)

Knitting, crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint, reading (mostly
mysteries).  Would like to learn to tat and intend to experiement with

Yvonne Molloy
Area:     Hamilton, Ontario

Counted cross stitch, blackwork, bobbin lace, weaving, spinning, rug
hooking, silk painting, silk-screen.

Linda Shafer
Area:     Hamilton, Ontario

Crochet, a little knitting, and am always interested in new and
different patterns.

Gail Burstyn
Area:     Hamilton, Ontario

Cross stitching and silk ribbon embroidery.  Current group has semi-
regular cross stitch nights where some stitches gather for food, fun,
wine and encouragement.

Lorraine Crabbe
Area:     Kelvin, Ontario

Embroidery, knitting, ceramics, cross-stitch (counted and stamped),
sewing and misc. crafts.

Leslie MacPherson
Area:     Lethbridge, Alberta

Counted cross stitch, sewing, ceramics, hodge podge, etc.

Anh Do
Area:     Montreal, Quebec

Cross stitch and knitting.  Collect quality designs, especially
patterns and challenging projects.

Mary Frakes
Area:   Montreal, Quebec

Sewing, cross stitching.

Jennifer Emard
Area:           Oakville, Ontario

Cross stitch, beginner silk ribbon embroidery, beginner quilting,
cooking, reading

Margaret-Anne Park
Area:     Ottawa, Ontario

Quilting, cross stitch, silk ribbon embroidery, minatures, and stuffed

Jocelyn Tingley
Area:     Ottawa, Ontario

Cross stitch, quilting, sewing (i.e. pillows), and anything that looks

Christine Boucher
Area:     Quebec City, Quebec

Teach bobbin and needle lace.  Enjoys cross stitch and beading.

Tracy Williams
Area:     Red Deer, Alberta

Sewing, quilting, cross-stitch, knitting, silk ribbon embroidery,
marbling, stamping, and anything else that sounds interesting.

Stephanie Pike
Area:     Richmond, B.C.

Printmaking, Riso Print Gocco, Airpainting, Ribbon Embroidery,
Decoupage, Paper Crafts, Papermaking; Marbling; Pottery, Latch Hook

Jan Yano
Area:     Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Cross stitch, knit, plastic canvas, and some ceramics.

Pamela Burnham
Area:     Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Mainly cross stitch, but interested in tatting and knitting.  I do
crochet, beading, and some embroidery.

Area:     St. Catharines, Ontario

Counted cross stitch and sewing.

Margaret Smith
Area:     St. Francis Xavier, Manitoba

Run a home based business creating historically based needlework
design. Also beginner level knitting, and some crocheting.  And, I sew
clothes for my sister's children.

Jacquie Hansford
Area:     St. John's, Newfoundland

Counted cross stitch, crafts (all sorts), and sewing.

Area:           Sudbury, Ontario

I'm engaged to a wonderful gentleman in Sudbury, Ontario. I am 30 and
enjoy crochet, embroidery, cross stitch and crafting in general.

Carol Fitzpatrick
Area:     Vancouver, B.C. (North End)

Knitting, sewing, cross stitch (my favorite), crocheting.  I work with
the elderly and am always searching for things that they can do.

Area:     Winnipeg, Manitoba

Husband's account)
Sewing (just got into quilting this spring), beading, knitting, and
would like to learn to crochet.  Beginner tatter also.  Have a book on
Temari Japanese Thread Balls -- anyone else tried this art?

Jodi Whitlaw
Area:           Winnipeg, Manitoba

Cross stitch, plastic canvas, interested in quilting

Donna Youmans
Area:     Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hardanger, counted cross stitch, canvas work, brazilian, whitework,
blackwork, sewing, knitting, crochet, making pine-cone filled baskets,
pine-cone/dried flower covered wreaths.  Most of my objets d'art end
up gracing someone else's walls, tables or doors.

-- Other Countries ------------------------------------------

Karen Jack
Area:     Australia

Cross stitch, reading, crochet, learning Hardanger, kids, swimming,
email, reading RCTN.

Judy Smith
Area:      Australia

Cross stitch, reading, learning hardanger, tatting and beading.

Amanda Cook
Area:     Australia

Cross stitch, quilting (beginners), reading (especially mysteries),
and travel.

Rosie Kretschmann
Area:     Australia

Cross stitch, machine sewing (my own clothes, children's), beading.  I
would like to learn some Heirloom sewing techniques, including hand

Crystal Barr
Area:   Australia

Smocking (picture, traditional, English), patchwork, sewing,

Susan Karaberidis
Area:     Australia (Newcastle NSW)

Nearing two-year course in advanced commerical needlecraft.  Love
counted thread work, embroidery, candle wicking, shadowwork, crewel,
stumpwork, three dimensional work, canvas, smocking, lacemaking, silk
ribbon, knit, crochet, tatting, quilting, patchwork, machine
embroidery and fabric coloring.  Member of Newcastle embroidery guild.

Area:     Brandon, Suffolk, England

Sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting (machine and hand), gardening,
all types of country & victorian crafts, cross stitch, embroidery,
stenciling & computing.

Gerda Behrmann
Area:     Bremen, Germany

Sorry, no personal e-mail yet but you can reach her through the above
e-mail address.  Interests are embroidery, all quilting, some
knitting, and gardening.

Dianne Fernandez
Area:     Brisbane, Australia

Lace-craft, cross stitch, reading SF, crochet, knitting, sewing for
the kids, e-mail and newsgroups, Heriloom sewing by machine, silk
ribbon embroidery, punch embroidery, plastic canvas, beeding. Learning
brazilian embroidery, smocking, quilting, tapestry, folk art, and

C***te Cameron
Area:           Christchurch, New Zealand

Cross stitch, like to learn hardanger, blackwork, knitting, sewing, ...

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CRAFTING BUDDIES: Canada & Other Countries (Long)

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Well, I have to accept that, I finally got my NN, all torn up.  Not enuf
tho, I still have my order ready to place!  But, I ordered a Herschnerrs
(?) the same day I ordered a NN ----  waaaaaay back in late November.  I
have received TWO NN catalogs, and none from H.  I called yesterday and
told them this.  I LOVE Herschnerrs (don't have the catalog to know how to
spell it!) because I also crochet, and they have lovely yarn.  But, if I
don't get the catalog, I'll buy from someone else!

Thanks for Noticing Me ~~ Eeyore