A request from: afghans for Afghans

A request from: afghans for Afghans

Post by Jenn Vanderslic » Sun, 10 Nov 2002 19:43:22

Good Morning all,

Since April, I've made 7 afghans, 6 hats and a sweater for Afghans for
Afghans <www.afghansforafghans.org>.  I truly believe in this
This morning I got the lasted newsletter in my email and I thought I'd
pass it along to this very generous newsgroup.
Hopefully, we can all help Ann make her goal of items by November 21st.
Thank you!


This week we accepted a last-minute request to collect knitted and
garments in wool and wool-blends for a group of kids in Kabul.

The timing is very short -- by about November 21. We may possibly have a
couple extra days, but not sure yet.

We just could not resist this opportunity to have our gifts
for us to a children's rehabilitation/activity center. Our gifts will be
distributed in early December, in time for the winter and during the

If there's any possibility that you can whip up some children's garments
quickly (or ask offline friends/guild members to do so), we would be
grateful. Perhaps you have some "unclaimed" items or almost-finished
just waiting for an appreciative recipient. We have been asked to
hats, sweaters, vests, mittens, and socks (slipper-booties) for
8-15 years of age. Boys and girls about equally. Please, no used items.

These gifts will be delivered by Maryanne of Airline Ambassadors, a
group of airline professionals who conduct worldwide humanitarian trips.
will be Maryanne's third trip to support the Afghan people. In
Maryanne mentioned the need for socks or slipper-booties since fitting
properly has been difficult, and she wants to bring something for their
We can be assured that Maryanne will get these garments directly to the
In fact, she will be spending time with the kids, and we hope to share
notes about her experience when she returns. Maryanne also hopes to
photograph some of the kids in our knitted and crocheted items for us.
will be a great treat if she can do so. Maryanne cares deeply for the
children of Afghanistan. Our gifts will be in fine hands and probably
over on the same plane with Maryanne.

The rehabilitation center -- called the Cooperation Center of
Afghanistan --
is a place where about 100 children at one time come for classes in
such as nutrition, hygiene, social cooperation, rights awareness,
environmental protection, etc., as well as serving as a safe place to
get off
the Kabul streets to relax and play. Maryanne works in partnership with
Church World Service, which has been doing good work for a long time.
assured that they do not proselytize.)

We'd love to send about 300-400 items. We'll try our best to reach this
It's ambitious, but we thought why not try. Also, we will be paying for
shipping costs on this delivery. If the timing just doesn't work for
you, and
you'd like to participate in this special delivery, we are accepting
contributions (through the PayPal button below and on our site or by
check to
afghans for Afghans, PO Box 475843, San Francisco, CA, 94147) to help
shipping expenses.

Per the info. on our Web site, hand-knit and crocheted gifts may be
mailed to:
afghans for Afghans
c/o AFSC Collection Center
65 Ninth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103