Information on Hilton Head

Information on Hilton Head

Post by candy2suit » Thu, 15 Aug 2002 04:18:40

Hi Everyone!

Now that I have my confirmation for the EGA seminar, I would like to start
making other plans for the trip.

We will be arriving sometime on Saturday November 16th.  We haven't made
plane reservations yet, but know that we cannot get a direct flight from NJ.
We will need to change at least once, if not twice.  We haven't determined
whether we will be going into Savannah or Hilton Head, depends on time and
price.  We have decided to rent a car for the week. This is not something we
do at every seminar, since there is so much going on that once you get there
you rarely need to leave the hotel except for guided tours or on shuttle
buses provided by area LNS.

The actual seminar starts on Sunday evening. Classes run from Monday through
Friday, but are broken up in different lengths, 4 days (M-T-T-F) 2 days (M-T
and/or T-F) and one day (Wed.)  I will be taking two 2 day classes.

All that being stated, we have Sunday and Wednesday to tour the area and the
They have guided tours to Fort Beaufort, Savannah and Charleton, but
unfortunately they are not offered on Sunday.  This is another good reason
for the car, since we can go on our own.

My questions to the list:

Any good LNS in the general area?

Given a choice between Savannah and Charleston which would you recommend to
tour?  Please state your reasons for the preference and recommend some good
local places for lunch in these towns.

Any good restaurant recommendations for Hilton Head.

I will be requesting info from AAA, but would really value recommendations
from the list.