needlepoint & cross-stitch

needlepoint & cross-stitch

Post by Geraldine Q. Ruthchi » Sun, 17 Dec 1995 04:00:00


>The stitch is a regular cross-stitch.  Each stitch is completely formed
>going on to the next stitch.  The stitch sequence is "/" and then "\".  
>The first stitch is done bottom to top, the second stitch top to bottom
>and out at
>next hole.  
>3               2
>X          /
>5    4        1

>Hope that helps.

>Interwoven canvas is canvas where the threads are twisted around each
>at every point they meet.

>Elizabeth Bradely kits all come in 10 stitch per inch gage.  This seems to

>best because the stitch is bulkier than a regual needle point stitch.  

>And yes, you can use this technique with any charted design.  Just
>if you're using canvas that is smaller than 10 gage you should experiment
>different weights of tapestry wool.

>I am sending this message Email because my server is not accepting
>postings today.  (the joys of modern technology -:)

>If you think any of this would be useful to the newsgroup feel free to

I am forwarding this as requested.  Unfortunately the diagram didn't copy
and paste the way it showed up in the original e-mail.

Geraldine Ruthchild