Crochet tablecloths & bedspreads

Crochet tablecloths & bedspreads

Post by Sali Cosford Bonazell » Mon, 03 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I really like the challenge of complex patterns!  I'm looking for
crocheted tablecloth patterns for round dining tables that do not have a
pineapple motif or rows and rows of chaining.  I've seen some beauties at
local town fairs, but have been unsucessful at tracking down patterns.  
Any suggestions?  Also looking for bedspread patterns without puffy
bauble stitches.  Any suggestions?


Sali - Winchester, CT


Crochet tablecloths & bedspreads

Post by Sylvia Su » Mon, 03 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I like Decorative Crochet magazine, especially because their instructions are pictures rather than
abbreviated words. They do a lot of beautiful round doilies but I made 2 pillows out of a round
16" doily. There are no kitchen helper type patterns, some large bedspreads.

They tend to have some pineapples but many other beautiful round table cloths have been in the
magazine in the year that I have subscribed to it. Check it out.

Decorative Crochet
Box 1972
Danbury CT 06813