Home Dec trims

Home Dec trims

Post by Monica Walk » Wed, 05 Apr 1995 04:00:00

     I am about to sew some fancy pillows and table scarves for my
formal living room, but I haven't worked with trims much in the past.
I have corded trim, brush fringe, and braided trim with tassles to
apply to various pieces.  The corded trim is easy enough: I will just
insert the bias backing in between the front and back sides of the
pillow as I have done before.  I think that the brush fringe is
treated similarly even though you end up burying a little bit of it
inside the pillow.
     But, how does one apply braid trim with tassles?  (This is for
the table scarf.)  In pictures, it is applied on the face of the
object.  So, should it be topstitched with several lines of straight
stitching, or edgestitched (blind hem stitch) with invisible thread
as is done in machine applique?  

     Thanks for the help.


I'd rather be sewing.

Monica Walker