why am I having so much trouble?

why am I having so much trouble?

Post by Debi Heis » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 11:49:00

I'm working on two projects right now ... a wedding sampler for a friend's
wedding in May, and my very first round robin sampler (therefore, something
that I'll get to keep for myself when completed).

The wedding sampler is going great *when* I can force myself to work on it.  
The groom is a good friend ... I'm not too sure about his fiancee.

My rr sampler is not going so well.  I've had to take out at least half the
stitches I've done ... I miscounted some of them ... the floss looked dirty on
a couple of rows ... the 3/4 stitches weren't going so well at first and so
look odd ... etc etc etc ... I'm getting ready to throw out what I've been
working on <gasp!> and start all over again.

So, what's the deal?  Why is it that on the project I'm not too thrilled about
doing the stitching is coming out beautifully, and on the project that I'm
totally in love with I can't seem to do anything right?  Is this just another
Murphy's Law of Stitching?

Thanks for listening