Apologetic delurk

Apologetic delurk

Post by Marsha Wisniews » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

First, my apologies for my past posts-before-delurking.  As a newbie to the
net, I was unaware of that particular piece of netiquette.

I'm a recently retired math teacher with two grown daughters, four
granddaughters, and am currently owned by one very spoiled cat.

Although I enjoy and do -or have done- almost all forms of sewing/needlework,
counted xstitch is my passion (accompanied, of course, by some liquid or solid
form of chocolate!)  For years before I retired, I stockpiled projects to do
when I had all that wonderful free time retirement brings.  In fact, I'm
spending gobs of time as a volunteer in my daughter's classroom (she's teacing
in the same school, the same room, and with many of the same people I taught
with years ago), so I don't have as much time as I imagined.

I have learned so much from this ng!  I'd never heard about xstitching on
linen and can't wait to try it - with railroading, of course.  Rctn is the
only new group I read.  The ngs for my other interests seem to be most
intolerant of newcomers/beginners and are into lots of flaming.

I was just sure the _c_ in rctn stood for "clever, caring, compassionate
characters with copius cravings and comsummate capabilities.  :)

Thanks for making newcomers feel welcome!