unsolicited plug for a good trimmings shop in Croatia

unsolicited plug for a good trimmings shop in Croatia

Post by bogus addre » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 08:53:45

Back from our holiday in Croatia and Bosnia.

I didn't give the details of the superb t***s shop we found in
Split, on the coast of the Adriatic.  From their card, which has a
nice little Croatian calendar on the back, it's:

   vl. Blanka Jerkovic
   Subiceva 7
   tel/fax 021/347-496

No email or website yet - I suspect that when they do get a website
they'll do it right (a lot of Central European websites are just
downloadable business cards).  The woman on duty when we arrived
spoke excellent English (and I would guess several other languages
as well).

They think they're the best shop in the country, sending orders as far
away as Zagreb, and I can well believe it.  I used to work in a different
kind of retail business, and I can tell when somebody's not just taken
what sales reps offer but put years into actively building up a range of
stock from all over; in this instance, they've trawled the whole of Italy
and Central Europe in search of goodies.  We found it by sheer fluke;
spotted their display case at the entrance to an alleyway, they're one
floor up at the end of it.

And Split is one of the most fascinating cities I've ever been to.

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