OT - Need Dog Door Info

OT - Need Dog Door Info

Post by Tia Mar » Thu, 11 Apr 2013 11:47:18

Hi Guys,
    Need info or recommendations about electro-magnetic DOG doors.  I
have Googled until I am blue in the face and the only fairly reasonably
priced door big enough to handle ***'s dogs is the PetSafe Dog Door.
That one has batteries in both the collar key and the door and Steven
(Son-in-Law) says the batteries go bad really quickly in the winter --
and that's in PHOENIX!  Up here in the mountains, I would have to be
replacing the batteries every other week!!  The door we had in
Magnoliaville had batteries in the door but the collar key was just a
magnet.  Problem is this was for cats or small dogs.  The door battery
lasted for at least a year and was not affected by the temps.   I have
not found a similar door for larger dogs and I don't know why.  I'm
thinking that the type of magnetic latch is maybe not strong enough to
keep a large door locked.  The door *** has takes about 5 or 10
seconds to recognize the collar key, then makes a clunking noise and
releases so the dog can go through.  When the flap comes back down after
the biggest dog goes through, it does not latch right away but swings
back & forth several times.  THIS is how Cheeto managed to escape and
get lost -- he learned to wait for the flap to swing and then he would
duck out.  I want a door that has a strong enough magnet that it latches
immediately but I DO NOT want to have to spend hundreds and hundreds of
dollars.  The one we got for the kids cost about $240.00 and the
*&*&^$&^)*&  cat *still* managed to get out and get lost!!!   SO -- does
anyone out there know of a magnetically locking large size dog door
(opening about 12" x 20") other than the PetSafe model that costs in the
$250.00 range?  I haven't found one in hours and hours of searching so
will be grateful for any info you might have.  CiaoMeow >^;;^<

PAX, Tia Mary /\___/\


OT - Need Dog Door Info

Post by Tia Mar » Thu, 11 Apr 2013 23:03:22

> Can't help about dog doors but my pal in the UK has a cat door and a
> cat she doesn't know sleeps on my bed.  It's strange because she has
> never been able to find out who the owner of the cat is, it doesn't
> eat her cat's food, just comes in, sleeps on my bed and leaves.

> We wondered if perhaps 'home' has toddlers or something like that and
> it is merely looking for peace and quiet.   Her cat just gives it a
> dirty look as it makes it's way in or out.

> No doubt about cats.

> Hope you find a good dog door.

Well, sounds just like a cat :-).   Mine are starting to get along much
better than they did the three months we were all in Magnoliaville.
Bringing them here to the new house at the same time and leaving all of
them in the laundry room together worked wonderfully.  DH made a screen
door to use so that they were confined to the room but they could see
out, hear smell, etc. everything that was going on.  We have three cat
boxes, three cat beds, three food bowls and one bowl for water for them.
  They were kept there for just three days but now that they have the
run of the house there is only a quick hiss when Tippy (the newest
kitty) gets too near the older cats.  I actually found Tippy & BunnySue
(Lard ***Kitty) asleep in their respective beds yesterday -- at the
same time!   CiaoMeow >^;;^<

PAX, Tia Mary   /\____/\