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Life Technology Research International?

The Psychotronic Money Magnet? Ultra Advanced Version 1.0
The Ultimate in Causal Engineering Technology

Through the aid of spiritual guidance given to us by the higher forces
we have discovered a uniquely different and  improved method of
creating our well known Psychotronic Money Magnet? .The new method
was delivered to us through an exceptionally gifted channel and we were
astounded by the information that we were privileged to have received.
According to the information the new method which we are adopting can
raise the subtle energy characteristics and the manifesting
capabilities of The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet? more
than one hundred fold.

According to numerous testimonials this powerful device has certainly
proved that it has the power to change one's financial situation for
the better in the shortest possible time, and it is without doubt the
most powerful and successful money generating talisman of all time. The
sole function of The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet? is
simply to create opportunities for it's owner to gain money and prosper
financially. The longer one possesses this unique cosmic money magnet ,
the stronger it will become, and the more money it will draw to it's

We have been using this device ourselves for some time now and
experienced a massive increase in company income and profits just a few
days after the first creation of The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money
Magnet? .We have been exceptionally blessed by the higher forces and
in particular by the wisdom of The Archangel Mikhail.

Originally Life Technology Research International? had listed these
devices as Psychotronic Generators? designed to be programmed for
various different types of archetypal energy (trend) ,but when we
became aware of the massive demand for the money and wealth programmed
Psychotronic Generator? it was decided to being marketing The
Psychotronic Money Magnet? as a specifically programmed stand alone
device. It is only now that we have been given specific information to
create a magical tool that will quite simply transform ones life.

Could The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet? become the most
powerful metaphysical tool ever created? It is our belief that the most
significant difference between this device and other forms of magickal
talisman or life changing catalyst (eg NLP ,Huna , Hypnosis, Kaballah ,
Magick etc) is its passive mode of operation, ie no conscious input is
required from the user, and unlike many other talismans the device will
function optimally without any necessity for a certain belief system on
the part of the user. The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet?
is so powerful in fact that it will override the belief system of the
most hardened sceptic, and will reverse the mindset of the most
pessimistic belief system.

Life Technology Research International? has taken this technology of
'Causal Engineering' and using methods based on the developmental work
of Pavlita, Rifat , Fortune and many hours of Russian Psychotronics
research we convert quartz crystals to Psychotronic Generators?. They
amplify, produce and direct bioplasmic energy to modify quantum
mechanical collapse, changing the course of events in the macroscopic
world. This device uses a multiphase set of fields which apart from
altering events, inculcate a theta rhythm of around 7 to 8 Hz, the
natural theta frequency of the planet being 7.82. This frequency is the
Schumann Resonance, the doorway to the world of causal engineering, ie
consciously creating and manifesting ones desires.

The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet? acts by establishing a
new pattern of financial abundance in the subconscious and subtle
energy fields of the user by harnessing the lifeforce and wealth
enhancing powers of the Hebrew letters of the Kaballah. It is widely
recognised in esoteric science and by academics such as James Hurtak
and Stan Tenen among others that Hebrew letters through their specific
mathematical structural geometry contain information that encodes life
force energy, ie it provides an intelligent template for natural
creative forces. It is these magical primal creative forces of The
Kabbalah that we harness and focus in the preparation of The Ultra
Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet?

In the 1920's it was discovered that quartz crystals resonate at 32,768
khz. Seeing that the Great Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops Pyramid, is made
mostly of limestone, which stone crystal matrix is mostly quartz, It is
proposed that the entire pyramid operates as a conciously programmable
cosmic biocomputer or radionics device, a massive Psychotronic
Generator? originally capable of harnessing and directing the
focussed intent of the Egyptian priests who were its engineers .

The fact is that everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates.
Therefore the connecting link between all forms of energy is vibration,
sympathetic harmony and resonance. By studying and applying the
principles of vibration we are enabled to see beyond material matter
and into the primary creative forces of nature. Utilising the
information from diverse fields such as Radionics, Psionics
,Psychotronics ,Quantum Physics ,Sacred Geometry, Sonics ,music and
metaphysics has led to an understanding of how the human mind can
interact creatively with the material universe.

Essentially, when the biotronic matrix of The Ultra Advanced
Psychotronic Money Magnet? interacts with the conscious will of the
operator it causes subtle changes to occur in the microcosmic universe
which translates to manifestation in the macrocosmic universe (real

This device will naturally induce a theta state in the user as it
alters reality to make money, wealth, abundance and affluence  etc.
more probable. The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet? is
charged with the specific programming described above ,or may be
programmed with your own specific intent. On request, Life Technology
Research International? creates Psychotronic Generators? to generate
any operational trend field which will facilitate the materialisation
of any wish.

The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet? may be used in each of
the following ways:
Place on a desk or on a bedside table for passive functionality, no
input from the user is required.The device is an ideal size to be
carried in a pocket or kept in a handbag. It is better that the device
should be kept as close as possible to the user, ideally within 2

The device may also be kept under a pillow while sleeping where
archetypal information will permeate and influence the subconscious
mind ,or held in the hands or placed on the body while meditating.
While relaxing or meditating it is an excellent idea to hold the
crystal in either or both hands and focus positively on areas of ones
life where positive financial change could occur, ie ones job ,business
practices ,salary level etc. Create a mental movie and visualise
achieving a wealthy ,prosperous state of existence. In any form of
conscious subtle energy manipulation, results will occur through the
artificial enhancement of natural processes. It is therefore important
to recognise the new opportunities that you will attract to your life
which will direct you towards a new paradigm of wealth and prosperity.

The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet? supplied is the highest
grade clear rock quartz . Please note that this is the much more
powerful version of our other Psychotronic Money Magnet? for sale at
our site and other auctions for $90. Each Ultra Advanced Psychotronic
Money Magnet? comes with instructions for use. Each individually
created Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet? is priced at $180
US dollars. International shipping is priced at $10 US Dollars.
Shipping Insurance is optional.

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This product may be of interest to students or practitioners of Alchemy
,Kabbalah, Reiki, Homeopathy, Healing, Buddhism, Shamanism, Pagansism,
Rife Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Witchcraft, Antropology, Wicca, Magick,
Huna, Hypnosis, Nlp, Rosicrucianism, Mysticism, Radionics, Psionics and
Psychotronics etc.

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