NAYY (No Affiliation Yadda Yadda): fiber source

NAYY (No Affiliation Yadda Yadda): fiber source

Post by Slink » Thu, 22 Nov 2001 07:34:34

To the spinners on the list:  If you have a chance to order wool top from
DHF Falklands you'll be in for a treat.  My 3-pound sampler pack arrived in
Monday's mail via surface mail and Royal Post from the Falkland Islands.  I
got about three ounces spun last night and made a fantastic two-ply.

The white top (22 microns, give or take) is simply divine and runs through
my fingers like warm butter -- the only snags happen because I haven't been
keeping up on my lotion.  The colored top (brown and gray, 28 microns) is
equally nice.

I'll be ordering at least one 3# pack every quarter, possibly more as the
white is quite yummy and I'm sure will take dye very well.  I wouldn't
hesitate to make baby garments with any of it, and the socks I'm planning
should be simply fabulous.

I may have just been spoiled for anything else :) -- no affiliation, just a happy customer


NAYY (No Affiliation Yadda Yadda): fiber source

Post by Anna MC » Thu, 22 Nov 2001 18:45:19


> -- no affiliation, just a happy customer

Thank you for sharing this link!

It's a very interesting and warming reading also for people (like me)
who don't spin and knit.
I was very pleased in reading their story.
Their greating cards are simply lovely!

Falkland (from what I've read in this website) reminds me a little bit
of Gotland, the beautyful island in the Baltic sea.
In Gotland spinning and knitting the local wool is very popular. There's
a number of local handwork shops and exibitions of Swedish textile
I have to return there (there's a boat from my town), since when I was
there past september it rained all the time...

For a virtual Gotland tour:


Anna Maria