drafting software.......was anyone else having problems

drafting software.......was anyone else having problems

Post by Els van D » Sun, 16 Mar 2003 11:37:54

> >  Now it looks like they have given me
> >the real stuf, but naturally, since I have not payed for it, without a
> >serial number I can't use it or try it.....

> Els -

> The real thing may also be the demo version except that it may be
> programmed to stop working after a certain amount of time (so you can
> test it) or it may have some functions disabled until you give it the
> proper registration code (for which you'd have to pay the full price).
> Give it a try anyway = much software that's available to download
> works this way.

> Good luck -
> Robbyn

Robbyn.  It was an error within the demo.  It could only be opened by
simple text, however; it was way to large to be opend that way.  I tried
opening it from within another word processing program, and bingo my
computer frooze.  When I asked my son to go through the same process, he
ran into the same problem.  Dennis e-mailed swiftweave and explained the
problem.  At that point he was told to try again, because they had
problems with the server of the website.  We than could not get back to
the website at all.  all the files on the website were corrupted.  Another
E-mail was sent and this time they E-mailed the soft ware directly to
Dennis.  He passed it on to me.  That is when we found out that it was the
real software.....for $300 US, and not a demo.  In order for me to try it
I have to have a serial number and most likely pay first.  I just do not
want to spend that kind of money without knowing what I am buying.  Back
to square one, or another software for the Mac to do my drafting with.
Anyone here knows of a good drafting software......


delete doba to email me.....:=))