RCTN Logo Contest (was Re: rctn)

RCTN Logo Contest (was Re: rctn)

Post by lrasm.. » Thu, 12 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I think this is a _marvelous_ idea.  Instead of a run-of-the-mill
silk screened t-shirt I think it is only natural that we should all
just get a copy of the scanned pattern and put them on a garments
ourselves.  Say by waste canvas, duplicate stitch or on a waffle weave
thermal shirt.  

Unfortunately I lack designing skill, but there are soooo many
talented people on this newsgroup who have such talents.  And sending in a skein of
floss (or two) to the designer of the winning logo seems like a
fair reward to me!




>>any interest in making an rctn t-shirt?  Id wear mine!

>What we really need is a logo so that we could put it on a t-shirt or
>anything else (like rctn membership cards). Have a contest and the winner
>gets a free lifetime rctn membership and a skein of floss from anyone who
>uses the pattern. How about one of the resident poets changing the words
>to the song ymca to rctn? That should make for a good laugh.


>"No harm will befall you,                No desease shall touch your tent,
>For He will order His angels           to guard you wherever you go.
>They will carry you in their hands   lest you stumble on a rock...."
>Ninety-first Psalm