To Stuart Segan, Re: SS Central America

To Stuart Segan, Re: SS Central America

Post by David Rya » Thu, 09 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I responded to your last message, unfortunately going into the
weekend.  I am reposting the first part of it in case the same
problem affected its transmission to you as affected my response
to your editorial.  If you need it reposted in its entirety, I
would be happy to do so.


> (answering this first)

> > I must ask you, why did you "bury" your post so that it could not
> > be replied to. Open discussion means just that. I come here to get
> > peoples opinions and share mine.

> I think you have a problem with your newsreader.  I notice that you
> sent a test message first.  My response was the second under yours
> in the thread.  Your newsreader may not be grouping threads
> properly or my post didn't reach your news server or something.
> My post was responded to by others within the same thread where you
> can also find a little elaboration on one point.

2000 is NOT the 21st century.  2001 is.  You can look it up at U.S.
Naval Observatory

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