1984 Prestige Mint Set, Denver Mint

1984 Prestige Mint Set, Denver Mint

Post by Frank Schmid » Wed, 06 Sep 2006 07:01:10

Have acquired a 1984 7 coin set in a Prestige case. A center mounted 7th
coin is a copper Denver Mint token. These are not proof coins just
uncirculated with the D mint mark. The over all appearance is almost
identical to the numerous 1984 Prestige
Olympic Proof Sets. Same box,brown leather fold open case, COA card showing
spec. for a "1984 Collectors' Prestige Mint Set". Has a picture of the
Denver Mint on the reverse side.

Copper plated Lincoln cent, cupro-nickel Jefferson, clad Roosevelt, clad
Washington, clad Kennedy, 90% silver Olympic dollar. Copper?? Denver mint
token center mounted.

Can not find any information on this set. Anyone know what this is
and who authorized it??