The $2 bill saga

The $2 bill saga

Post by Glen Johns » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00

When we had out last installment, I had caved in an opened an account at
a commercial bank in order to get them to get me $2 bills on a regular
basis. I have to take them $200 worth at a time. I got my first
"shipment" last Friday. 100 series 1976 $2 bills, crisp, and consecutive
serial numbers. I've been having a great time spending them. I buy
something for $5 and pay with 3 twos. Not only are merchants surprised to
see $2 bills, they're shocked at their condition. I should point out,
that since I became a customer, this bank is EXTREMELY friendly and
helpful. I actually got a phone call that said "Hi Mr. Johnson, this is
Cathy from the bank. Your two dollar bills are in" . :)

So far, I have had absolutely no resistance to them. As a matter of fact,
this weekend I was driving north on I-95 in Maryland and had to pay a $2
toll. I think it was a tunnel or something. I gave the toll collector a
$2 bill, and she remarked that she wished EVERYONE would pay that toll
with them, but she did say that she gets them often.

Still, nearly every time I pass one, the person taking it pockets it and
replaces it with $1 bills from their own wallet or something.

But they continue to confuse and befuddle cashiers at fast food restaurants.